The Flash #9 Review

I have long been a fan of The Flash and was ecstatic to see Geoff Johns return to the book. Since Barry Allen’s return as the Scarlet Speedster it has been a must have every month. It reads just the way a comic book should be: it is a thrilling rollercoaster ride that leaves you desperately awaiting next month to find out what will happen. The Flash #9 continues this tradition as we all nervelessly await Flashpoint. The story follows Barry Allen after his battle with the Rogues from the future. When Johns brought Barry Allen back he said that he wanted to make a book that was CSI with capes. He has done it yet again as the intriguing case seem to make little sense to the forensic scientist. As per usual Barry is late for a family picnic where there is a welcome return of Wally West to the fold (even though it is only for two panels). Barry starts to wonder whether his life may have been different if The Reverse Flash had not altered the past. Barry is being chased by another speedster who we discover at the end of the book, their shocking identity.

Both the writing and the artwork are tremendous. Johns is such a talent in the comic world at the moment, he is on top of his game. Whoever is working alongside him, he has mastered the ability to realise that writing comic books is a collaborative process that needs the writer to understand the artist and vice versa as much as anything else. The story flows well, is fast paced and makes you want to read the book again after finishing it. The art by Francis Manpul is simply beautiful. It has been amazing for all nine issues he has drawn and it still shocks me as to how stunning this book looks. Even if you are not a fan of The Flash, you would probably like to get your hand on a copy just to stare lovingly at the artwork.

This issue does everything that it should do, building the anticipation for Flashpoint to almost fever point. DC Comics have said that this will bring many changes and it will be interesting to follow for in the next couple of months. That and War of the Green Lanterns it will be an exciting time for any DC fan.

This is a must read for any Flash fan or anyone that wants to be apart of the Flashpoint story arc


Luke Halsall

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