The Flash Issue 10 Review

The road to Flashpoint is getting closer and closer. This month, Barry talks with Hot Pursuit as well as the new cold case revealing more. Barry wonders whether Hot Pursuit is really who he says he is and if so, what should he do?


The artwork by Francis Manupul is it’s usual stunning performance. If you have not yet fallen in love with this man’s art yet then you need to pick up a copy of The Flash as soon as possible. I am a big fan of The Flash anyway but I would happily buy a copy of anything he produces just to look at it.


Ironically, the momentum of this book has slowed down. Not to say it isn’t still a great read, it is just a shame it had not managed to maintain the speed of the first nine issues. To any other book, this would seem like a huge step up and it is understandable that sometimes when the quality is this consistently high that a dip is normal. There are nice moments such as Barry chasing Hot Pursuit but it does not have the wow factor that previous issues had.


The issue continues to build the story well, leaving enough intrigue to make anyone want to read more and therefore it is still definitely worth picking up. Yet, Wally West fans will be disappointed. The front cover clearly shows Wally helping Barry chase Hot Pursuit. Unfortunately that is the most you will see of the character in this issue.


The Flash issue 10 is still a great read. The pace has slowed down, yet it is necessary in order to develop the story further. However it will be nice ti see a return to pace in the next issue. Still a must buy.


Luke Halsall

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