The Summer of Indie: Comic Review-Psyche

Psyche by Dann. The story follows Kyle who has been chosen to be the next Psyche.Psyche is the icon of humanity fights injustice wherever he sees it. He is armed with blades and has telepathic abilities. Can he live up to this responsibility?

The artwork is beautiful: clean and crisp. The cover draws the reader in making them want to find out more about the character. There is something different about Dann’s manga style that makes it stand out more than other artists. Characters are drawn in a refreshingly different way. For example the elder is not portrayed how you may have expected. Further Dann’s art flaunts style such as the use of the Psyche bar that overlaps with the video game culture very effectively. As well as this the fight scenes are very cleverly shown again feeling like you have stepped into a game of Street Fighter 2. However there are some problems. The artwork differs drastically showing a very realistic interpretation of cities that then returns to the manga. At times (especially when Dann has tried to blend the two) it feels wrong, ruining fight scenes that could have been so much more if they were all in manga. It feels disjointed, disconnecting the reader rather than connecting them.

Dann has structured the book well: rarely using too many or too few panels and breaking the page at the right beat to leave the reader anxious to see what happens next. Dann’s dialogue is a mixed bag. Sometimes it is great with some genuinely funny lines. Dann’s dialogue manages to make a likeable lead in Kyle whose breaking the fourth wall and goofy put downs feels like a homage to Deadpool. Yet with his similarities to the Merc with a Mouth it makes the reader wonder whether we need two of them. However other times the dialogue feels like practiced lines from pitches. For example the explanation of Woolwich.

The key problem with this book is that it brings nothing new to the table. It is thoroughly entertaining but it will leave you feeling like you have seen it all before. Yet the character has enough going for him to make it an enjoyable read.

Psyche has its problems but it is still enjoyable. If you like manga and comic books such as Deadpool this is for you.

GS Rating: 3 out of 5

GS Reporter: Luke Halsall

Psyche and other projects are available on the website. (Check it out here) as a webcomic with publications being released soon.

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