The Walking Dead Volume 3 – Safety Behind Bars

The Walking Dead Volume 3 – Safety Behind Bars

Written by Robert Kirkman

Art by Charlie Adlard

Published by Image Comics

Beware some spoilers lie ahead.

Ah The Walking Dead. Just when you thought you had read it all and experienced all the horror that this comic book series can throw at you BANG you arrive at Volume 4 and Robert Kirkman turns the horror knob up to 11.

This volume opens with the RV gang arriving at the jail they discovered at the end of the previous volume, the only problem is the jail is currently occupied by hordes of zombies, cue Rick and best bud Tyreese going on a zombie killing rampage armed with their trusty axe and hammer – job done. After further investigation it appears that the jail is not truly devoid of all human life but can the new members of gang be trusted? or are they hiding some dark and terrible secrets that will erupt into sickening violence and murder – well it is the Walking Dead so what do you think!

Once again there is no let up in the tension in volume 4, if anything I think as the series progresses things appear to be getting worse and then some. During the horror and killing contained in this book an important discovery about the zombies or ‘roamers’ is made which takes Rick of on a little jaunt to take care of some unfinished business – this part alone I think shows how far Rick has changed and moved on as a character and it’s not all for the better let me tell you.

We also get the return of some old friends into the fold which is nice but again don’t expect happy reunions and chats around the campfire, things have moved on people.

Then we hit the final half of the book, which I am in no way going to spoil – suffice to say that if you thought anything you have read before was harsh wait till you get into this. People die and die badly and relationships are broken down beyond repair.

I found the ending to be extremely powerful and as a discussion or dissection on the morality of capital punishment I don’t think you will read anything better – You Kill You Die, but is it as simple as that? I don’t pretend to know the answers but this book made me think about it – a lot.

After reading this volume I think I have come to the conclusion that you may well be better of on the outside with the roamers, than hanging around with Rick and the RV gang. And damn if that hand don’t look bad – to quote an ancient proverb from a galaxy far far away – “I’ve got a bad feeling about this”.

Also I have just noticed that if you lay all the books flat facing you the zombies on the front cover all follow on in a kind of nice zombie crowd scene – I’ll get my coat.

Oh and the art kicks ass again.

Rating – 5/5 again

Dry Slaps – None again

GS Reviewer Nick Roberts

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