The Wednesday Comics Experience – A review

It was at the Bristol Comics Convention that my hero, Bob Wayne, one of the VP’s at DC comics claimed that he was the only one to point out that not everyone in the world got their new comics on a Wednesday.  Determined to ignore the onward march of multi-culturalism and globalisation, DC decided to call their new weekly comic Wednesday Comics anyway.  12 issues in an oversized newspaper print anthology.   I love anthologies so I was very keen to pick up my comic today – Oh and its a Thursday.

David takes a moment for a serious read

David takes a moment for a serious read

So this pic is from the DC blog – The Source and shows me reading the comic as if it was a daily broadsheet.  There was something about this that was so much fun, can’t put my finger on it but fun it was.  So the content.

Batman, Kamandi, Hawkman, Deadman, Superman, Green Lantern, Metamorpho, Teen Titans, Strange Adventure(Adam Strange), Supergirl, Metal Men, Wonder Woman, Sgt Rock, The Flash and The Demon and Cat Woman.

What a haul, even if there’s a couple of characters in there you don’t like there’s bound to be more that you do.

The first thing that grabbed me about this comic was the art.  I feel like DC sat the artists down and said “This is a bold experiment and we need you all to bring your A game or go home now.” And did they bring their A game? My God yes they did.  This is incredible for start to finish, the pencillers, inkers, colourists, leterrers are doing some of their best work ever as far as I’m concerned.

The stories are all fantastic, or fun , or evocative by turns.  Together with the art each story has a decidedly pulp feel to it which together with the format is no bad thing at all.

Lets see if I can give some impromptu awards.

Best Art – this is so hard but I’m gonna give it to Superman for Bermejos incredible detail and Ciardo’s truly scrumptious colours.

Worst Art – This art isn’t bad but the pseudo manga style of the Teen Titans strip just doesn’t really grab me.

Best story – There’s not much room for a lot of story on 1 page so this is another hard one but it’s gonna go to Batman because I think it acheived the most in the shortest time, although the Demon and Catwoman established a lot fairly quickly.

Worst Story – I’m gonna give this to Teen Titans because conversley I think it achieved the least.

Most fun story – Supergirl, great one for the younger audience but I’m still not sure about a teen flying in that short a skirt

Weirdest story – Strange Adventures for the dialogue (which was also quite funny) and Wonder Woman because they seem to be doing something completely different here, even down to the logo. This is not to say I disliked either of the stories.

Interesting Concept – The Flash as they seem to have split this strip in two, the second strip being called Iris West, who is the Flash’s girlfriend.  One story, two perspectives – nice.

Most moving/disturbing – Hawkman.  The tone of the breathtaking art and  the narrative combined left me feeling somewhat unsettled – in a good way.

For me the weakest link was the Teen Titans but everything else hit the spot with me, although I feel like they tried to do a little too much with Wonder Woman, to its detriment.

However there is something magical about this. The feel of the paper, the size of the publication, the tone of the stories, the variety inherent in an anthology, the harking back to a bygone era of funny papers within your parents newspapers.

This isn’t just a good read, this is a comics experience and one for which I will be paying for every week for the next 12 weeks.

GS Reporter: Monts

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  1. I thought it was a shame the way the newsprint style paper- which is such an integral and otherwise positive part of the experience with this particular comic- muddied up the art on the Wonder Woman strip, especially since I felt like that was the only one that really utilised the page size in an interesting way. Don’t get me wrong, *all* the strips were lovely to look at- how can you go wrong with MASSIVE Joe Kubert and Kyle Baker panels?- but Caldwell’s really playing with the size of his canvas, and I applaud him for that.

    Also, not trying to be a total nerd (as if I can help that) but Iris West is the Flash’s *wife*, dude!

  2. Alex Davis /

    Y’know Supergirl has been redesigned with shorts under the skirt now. Who knows how long it’ll last, but its a change for the better
    Does sound like Wednesday Comics is very good, I’m glad I ordered it, can’t wait for my monthly order!

  3. Gary L /

    I agree about the problems with the Wonder Woman. I think that better printing would have made this awesome, but it really just came across as confusing. It’s a great idea though, and works really well. I liked the pulpy Strange and Deadman a lot.

  4. David Wynne /

    …oh wait, I’m an eejit, it’s barry Allen, innit; so yeah Iris West is his girlfriend not his wife. Sorry, ignore me.

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