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I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, how much you like a movie greatly depends on your expectations. I expected Terminator Salvation to be amazing, so when it was just okay I was really disappointed. I expected Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen to suck ass, so when it was just okay I was pleasantly surprised.

I went and saw Transformers 2 a few days after the opening so I heard a lot criticisms before hand: it was too long, it was cheesy, the plot made no sense. I have to say all of these were pretty much true. But as long as you can deal with its issues Transformers wasn’t all that bad. Worth seeing in the theaters? Sure, if only for that the action sequences are amazing to see on the big screen. Worth seeing a second time? Definitely not, once was enough for me. Overall, what else do you expect from Michael Bay?

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I don’t really know where to start. There’s only a few things that I really want to mention.


Yes we’ve all heard about the stereotypical “black” robots, and yes they did bother me. If you don’t know there are two twin transformers in the movie who speak in “gangster” speech, they are dumb, illiterate, and, much more disturbingly, have big ears and one has a gold tooth. The excuse was given that these robots learned human speech from the internet and that’s why they speak that way. This makes some sense but it doesn’t explain why they were so stupid. And how does it make any sense that robots can’t read? They’re freaking robots!!! That’s not possible. It also doesn’t make sense that they would have ears or teeth in the first place, much less that they would fulfill racial stereotypes.

The other big stereotypical issue I had with this movie was Micheal Bay’s portrayal of women. No I am not talking about Megan Fox. Although, I think some of her scenes were retarded at least she kicked some ass, stood up to her boyfriend, and had some personality. No what really bothered me were the other women, from the ‘transformer whore’ to Sam’s ridiculous mother. Did anyone notice that no explanation was given at all as to why transformers could all the sudden take on human form? I mean not that I expected to get an explanation. It was obviously a thinly veiled excuse to get a pretty girl to come on to Sam and want to do him for absolutely no reason. And I’m sorry, but that boy choosing any girl over Megan Fox seems ridiculous in its own right. Oh but I’m not done. There’s also the completely random scene with Rainn Wilson as the astronomy teacher. He somehow seems to have a entire front row full of skanks who want to do him. Again no reason given, just another excuse for blatant hot girl exploitation.

College Girl Decepticon

Look I am not a feminist, and I understand that there needs to be hot girls in movies. But come on guys was Megan Fox not enough for you?! She was running around in inappropriate clothing, mysteriously shedding layers, and not with out her lip gloss for the entire movie. I think that any guy had enough to look at without adding all the rest.


The plot is confusing and hard to keep track of. The transformers, as much as I love them, all look exactlty the same and it is hard to keep track. The Fallen for example is hard to distinguish from Megatron and barely has role in the movie. For all that the movie is named after him, he bascially hangs out in space until he comes down to earth only to be destroyed in about five minutes.

Speaking of Optimus, it’s funny that the only emotional connection for me from this movie came from a robot instead of actual humans. I was more upset and sad when Optimus died then when Sam almost died, even though I knew both of them would come back somehow.

BTW I love that Sam pulled a Harry Potter. Think about it. He’s dies, gets sent to ‘transformers heaven’ where he speaks with some wise old transformers, and then ultimately gets sent back to complete the task and kill the bad guy. For any fans of HP this sounds veeery familiar to the seventh book.

In the end, Optimus and Sam both get resurrected and there is one supremely awesome moment where Old Man transformer rips out his heart thingy and Optimus goes completely bad ass!

Overall it wasn’t terrible. There were some cheesy moments, some huge plot holes, and a whole lot of stereotypes. What it was missing, at least for me, were those totally awesome moments that make you go ‘whoa’. As I said I count maybe two moments where I was connected to the characters, and that’s just not enough.

What did you guys think?

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