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Who’s it by:  David and Stella Gemmell

What’s it about? Troy: Fall of Kings This was the last book in Gemmell’s historical fantasy trilogy surrounding the events that led to siege of Troy. Here’s the book blurb

“War has been declared by the Warlords of Greece with High King Agamemnon in control and the Ancient World is divided into fiercely opposing factions. On the killing fields outside the Golden City forces loyal to the Mykene king gather. Among them is Odysseus, ally to King Agamemnon, alongside him the mighty warrior Achilles and his Myrmidons stand ready to begin the slaughter of the Trojans and her Allies. Both know that Agamemnon will stop at nothing to secure the gold that lies within the city walls. Ailing and bitter, the Trojan king Priam waits, secure in the knowledge that his favourite son Hektor is riding to his aid. As darkness falls on the Great Green, and warriors who were once kinsmen are filled with bloodlust, this much is certain. This is a battle whose tragic consequences will echo down the centuries.” 

Review it: There’s a handful of writers, out there today, that inspire me to become a better writer. However there’s only one writer who’s tales inspire me to not only become a better writer but also a better person and that’s David Gemmell.

Gemmell has a way of showing the reader that nothing is wholly good or evil and these states are in constant flux within his characters. He shows us that, in a heartbeat, a great hero can commit heinous acts of evil and the most hated character can become the most loved. His Troy trilogy is no exception.

The story of Troy has been told a thousand different ways over the years and yet Gemmell (both Gemmell’s) are able to weave a story that not only follows the legend closely but also puts a different spin on many of the major players and events. The result for me is that it felt like hearing the truth that eventually would become legend. In his past books Gemmell has walked this fine line of historical fact and fiction and it’s a line he treads well.

It was with sadness that I came to pick the Fall of Kings as David sadly passed away during it’s creation. I am however indebted to his wife Stella for deciding to finish her husband’s final work as it was a fantastic read. It’s a credit to her as couldn’t tell where David’s writing stopped and Stella’s started (and she wrote half of this story based on David’s chapter outlines). The entire trilogy is an epic tale of heroism, violence, betrayal, redemption, honour, loyalty, love and sacrifice. 

If you’re interested check out the interview with David’s widow Stella on how she tackled this book that had been left half finished by her late husband.

If you’re a Gemmell fan then this review has told you nothing you don’t already know and if you have never picked up a David Gemmell book then this would be as good a place as any to start (though you should start with Legend). As for Gemmell himself I hope he is having a flagon of mead in the Hall of Heroes with his beloved character Druss the Legend.

The world of fantasy has lost one of it’s greats. Here was a writer to walk the mountains with.


Rate it: 5

Dry Slaps: 0

Reviewer: The Nuge

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