TV REVIEW: True Blood Season 4 Episode 5 – Me and the Devil

Last week, Tommy was about to be taken in by his mother once again – until Joe Lee made a reappearance. the vampires are still no closer to reversing Marnie’s spells and Sookie has a revelation about Eric.

Tommy lays waste to both of his parents at the start of the episode, which may seem like a good thing now, but since he and Sam ‘buried’ the bodies in a lake, it is sure to come back to haunt them. Arlene believes Renee is ‘coming back’ through her son Michael and enlists Reverend Daniels to perform a pre-emptive exorcism. Jason is taken home by Hoyt and Jessica (who are till on the outs) and, after he and Hoyt share their troubles, Jason has a rather sexy dream about Jessica. That’s not awkward at all! Jesus and Lafayette run to Mexico to seek help from Jesus’s grandfather.

Sookie and Eric grow ever closer, especially after Eric dreams of Godric and seeks comfort from her.

Bill glamours Portia to make sure she stays away from him, kidnaps Marnie (after she has done a reading for Sookie, where Sookie’s grandmother warns her to ‘run away’) and tries to coerce the truth from her. Pam slips up and tells him where Eric has been hiding, and Bill storms off in a rage. Poor Sookie.

Although there is a lot happening in this episode of True Blood, it felt like an extra long episode. This happens every so often, that a TV show has to regroup and establish the action for the second half of the season, and that is what this episode of True Blood feels like. The pace is off, and there is too much focus given to the smaller storylines that we ultimately don’t care about until they intertwine with the major story for the season. The characters and the story threads are beginning to pull together now, and the season is taking shape, but this could have been done over a shorter period of time, so that the pace of the season as a whole did not suffer.

We can only hope that the story is revealed in a more interesting way than it was established. This week’s episode is the weakest we have seen from True Blood in a long time.

GS Reviewer: Brogen Hayes

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