TV REVIEW: True Blood Season 4 Episode 6 – I Wish I Was the Moon

This is the episode of True Blood that the season so far has been building to – the all important full moon episode. Shame then, that it is ever so slightly disappointing.

Last week we saw Bill discover that Sookie had been hiding Eric. Bill takes him into custody and requests permission to grant him the true death. Eric’s final words change his mind, however, and Bill lets both Eric and the badly decomposing Pam go. Eric seeks out Sookie for some nookie in the forest and Pam turns on Tara – who has reconciled with her girlfriend after telling her the truth – as she believes that Tara was in cahoots with Marnie.

Tommy discovers that the myth of the Skinwalker is more than fiction, and spends most of the episode disguised as Sam. He fires Sookie, sleeps with Luna and generally does all the stuff he wished he could but was never allowed to. Sam is going to have a big mess to clear up when Tommy is done. Arlene’s house burns down and the baby is the first one out of the house, with the creepy doll that Jessica gave him. Marnie invokes blood magic and is possessed by the spirit of Antonia who, as Nan and Bill feared, is able to control the vampires through necromancy. Lafayette and Jesus have their own troubles in Mexico as Lafayette is also possessed and Jesus is bitten by a rattlesnake.

The big story this week was the full moon and the issue of whether Jason would turn into a werepanther. He doesn’t (sorry), but he has a great chat with Jessica about being something other than what you were born as, and whether she would go back to being human if she could.

So Jason does not turn into a were panther. Disappointing, even though his conversation with Jessica is kind of sweet. There were all sorts of Weres in the woods around Bon Temps at full moon, but we never got to see any of them. Another disappointment. The only major Were action we got to see was Tommy impersonating Sam, but then he’s not a were is he? He’s a shifter. No doubt the moon had a lot to do with his transformation though.

Overall, this episode felt like another build up episode. We know the season of True Blood as a whole is going to be good, it’s just a shame that the last couple of episodes are taking so much time to build up to the action. Have the writers run out of material? It’s not really possible – Charlaine Harris has written reams about Sookie – but it sure feels like it. This was the episode that has been hyped for weeks and it really fell flat. Let’s hope the rest of the season picks up the pace.

GS Reviewer: Brogen Hayes

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