TV PREVIEW: Ten Teasers from Doctor Who Series 7 Episode 4: The Power of Three

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Following the Wild West trip, the Time Lord finds himself in modern day England, house guest of the Ponds. Chris Chibnall has written this fourth episode, designed to contrast normal life with fantastic life. Read on after the break to get ten short snippits of what you can expect come Saturday!

01: Spot a couple of TV celebrities making cameos this week.
02: Brian Pond (sorry, Williams) is back … and he has a log.
03: They’ve been travelling with the Doctor HOW LONG?
04: The military arrive, and they’re led by who??????.
05: “Not me. I hate patience. Patience is for wimps!”
06: Happy Anniversary, Ponds?
07: “Some left me. Some got left behind. And some … not many, but … Some died.”
08: “I’m not running away from things, I’m running to them. Before they flare and fade forever.”
09: Don’t trust the Nurses!
10: What’s in the Cubes?

Reporter: WedgeDoc

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