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ac 1 Peggy continues to kick ass as only she can and along with the help of Jarvis, she takes a step closer to clearing Howard Stark’s name.

Peggy continues to live a double life, still going to work at the SSR whilst trying to clear Howard Stark’s name.  With the help of Jarvis after he is pulled in for interrogation, Peggy finds the stolen stash of Howard’s weapons.  But tragedy strikes for one of her SSR co-workers, leaving the other Agents reeling.

The series continues with Peggy continuing on her mission to try to clear Howard Stark’s name.  Some of his experimental weapons are still missing and need to be found before they fall into the wrong hands.  Well, they’re already in the wrong hands but who knows where they could end up?  With Howard still on the run, Peggy and Jarvis start to dig deeper, starting with the Stark Mansion from where the weapons were stolen in the first place.

It’s all a very fine balancing act for Peggy as she has to continue to pretend that she doesn’t know anything whilst at work, and then slipping out the back door to track down the thieves of Stark’s technology.  She is essentially living a double life: slightly under preforming SSR agent that is the butt of every sexist joke in the office, and complete badass sleuth hot on the trail of the perpetrators.

Jarvis is on the hot seat this week after the license plate from Howard’s car from the crime scene last week has been found.  As a result, we learn some new things about the Stark’s steadfast butler.  It brings a new dimension to his character and also strengthens the bond between him and Peggy.  They really are absolutely delightful together and real treat to watch.

Peggy also opens up  a little more to Angie which is nice to see.  Yes, she’s afraid to get close to anyone for fear of putting them in danger, but Peggy realises that if she’s going to lead an action packed double life, she needs some form of normalcy so to starts to let Angie in a little.  And it’s really good to see a genuine friendship blossom between two women on-screen as it’s something that seems to be sadly lacking in television these days and I want to see much more of these two together.

AC EP3 1

Despite the apparent beating that Agent Carter seems to have taken in the ratings this week, this is still an incredibly strong show for Marvel.  episode 3 took a small dive in viewer numbers with 5.10 million, but it’s still around the same as the figures for Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.  ABC are confident that it’ll pick up and I really hope so.  It’s so important that Agent Carter does well.  With it being Marvel’s first female led project, it has to do well.  With the Captain Marvel film on the Marvel slate for 2018, Agent Carter is blazing the way for the girls and we all know that Marvel will be watching the ratings closely to give them some idea of what to do with any possible future female led projects.  Alas, there is still no news on when a UK channel will be picking up Agent Carter – Channel 4 have yet to say whether or not they’ll be adding to their Marvel collection with the show.  Personally, I think they’d be very silly not to, but as per usual, the UK audience for big budget American shows seems to have been forgotten.

If you needed any more reasons to watch this show then I offer you this:  I don’t see how anyone could ever get tired of watching Peggy smack people in the face with whatever happens to be lying around.  She may not have much style or grace when it comes to fighting the bad guys but my goodness does she do it with gusto.

Rating: 4/5


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