TV REVIEW: Agent Carter Ep.6

ac 1Is this the end of the line for Peggy?  And just how much of a danger does Leviathan pose?

Daniel closes in on Peggy, who learns that Leviathan is more dangerous than she imagined.


Episode 6: A Sin To Err 

EP6 1

With only two more episodes left, things are starting to heat up and come to a head for Peggy.  There was only so long she could live a double life before something had to give and in A Sin to Err, that’s exactly what happens.

This week see’s Peggy reluctantly teaming up with Jarvis again to dig through Howard’s not so secret womanizing ways, which results in Jarvis getting more than a slap or two.  Peggy is positive that someone who Howard has been with is the undercover assassin that she’s looking for.

But Peggy hasn’t covered her tracks as well as she should have done because the SSR are closing in.  Now she’s on the run because she knows that no-one will believe her if she tries to explain.  But, she does realise that she has more friends than she thought, especially in her neighbour Angie.  While Peggy is trying to avoid the SSR, the mysterious Dottie shows us more of what she’s made of.  And she’s either utterly bonkers or very, very good at her job.  I suspect both.

Is this the end of the road for Peggy?  Only the remaining two episodes will tell.

EP6 2


A Sin To Err once again see’s Atwell getting to flex her fight training muscles.  In a glorious scene in the middle of the episode, Peggy lays waste to some of her work colleagues while Jarvis can only watch.  And that just sums up Agent Carter as a series.  The roles are reversed, with Jarvis taking on the traditionally female role of standing back helplessly as Peggy kicks butt.  Jarvis looks to Peggy for instruction and that’s what I absolutely adore about this series.  It’s not afraid to reverse the stereotypical roles and have the ladies of the show kicking ass and taking names whilst the men have merely secondary roles on the sidelines.  That’s where Agent Carter is so strong, in its portrayal of its female characters.

With only 2 episodes left, the future of the show still hangs in the balance.  No decision has yet been made on whether we’ll get any more than 8 episodes, let alone a second series.  There is also still no news on when or even if any network in the UK will pick up the show.   It would truly be shame of Agent Carter didn’t get a whole first series as it’s one of the strongest shows that’s Marvel have put out so far.  Let’s hope that the studio take notice of the #SaveAgentCarter movement on social media  and give us at least a full first season.

Rating: 4.5 /5

Reviewer:  Vix

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