TV REVIEW: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. – Episode 1.02 “0-8-4″

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The mis-matched SHIELD team are off to Peru in search of an article akin to their finding of Mjolnir, but run into trouble with the local militia & ex-girlfriends!

So in this first SHIELD ASSEMBLED episode, Skye joins the team as a “consultant” and their first mission together – to pick up an unidentified artifact from Peru – goes horribly wrong when their flying command centre is assaulted by a Peruvian para-military bent on keeping the artifact. In truth, I thought the episode was light, almost formulaic. This children enjoyed it, but it was literally assembled by formula, and quite clumsily too. After the success of the pilot, it looks like there was a feeling of a need to keep us all on board: allude to the seriousness of the mission by referring to the last “0-8-4” event as being the discovery of Mjolnir, involve an ex-girlfriend who will ultimately betray you, throw in a satisfying Samuel L Jackson cameo, start the episode with a flashback of a plane with a hole in the side and a person flying out (memories of Iron Man 3); Avengers references included “Technically Stark’s a consultant,” and that this 0-8-4 event is fuelled by Tesseract technology and a word on HYDRA. And of course, we had the second time Coulson referred to Tahiti as “a magical place”, in the ongoing arc of what exactly happened to him when he was killed by Loki – is this a clue that it’s magic that brought him back? Oh, and right at the end, cast doubt over Skye’ motives & allegiances!

That said, the humour was thick & fast as the team finds their chemistry, as was the action, although in true prime time, A-Team, fashion, there was no on-screen deaths – this how may not be as gritty as we hoped. Oh, and anyone notice the Disney influence creeping in? The airborne robot probes are named after the Seven Dwarfs and this week we see 02 SLEEPY – last week it was 04 BASHFUL!

GS Rating: 3.5/5

Reviewer: SilverFox

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