TV REVIEW: Almost Human, Ep. 1.05 “Blood Brothers”

Almost Human tackles yet another of the sci-fi tropes – the clone. The basic plot of the episode revolves around a man on trial for murder, who it turns out has clones of himself running around doing his dirty work. Early on in the episode, one of the key witnesses is murdered, putting the other witness (a medium-psychic, though sometimes “petite”-psychic) on the run. During the ongoing investigation, Detective Stahl (who is actually given something to do this episode) is captured by the clones, and offered in trade for the original. Of course Kennex, Dorian and Maldonado manage to get Stahl back without giving up the original from custody, and who is eventually brought to justice at trial.

The episode starts with a scene of Dorian recharging in a room with a tonne of other MX’s, which is admittedly kinda freaky looking and really emphasizes the fact that the MX’s are machines. But then I get a little confused… the MX’s have to get dressed? I mean, why do they even need to bother? Why would they ever have to change clothes? The shot of the naked Ken-doll MX was rather amusing, as was Kennex’s reaction. It was a nice little insert of CGI, though, being picky, how is that leg structure efficient? I mean, the arms are totally normal, though they have to make the legs look like the standard articulated legs that you’d see on an action figure? Visually, it looks really out of place, though I suppose it serves to emphasize the “machine” aspect.

The conversation with Dorian and Kennex that follows is a nice touch – Dorian wants his own place. The show is really emphasizing Dorian’s individuality and humanity. I thought the show might let this play out a little more over the season, with Kennex really starting to look at Dorian as a person more and less as a machine. But from the get-go, Dorian has played as human, and Kennex has fairly quickly dropped the “you’re just a machine” attitude – as was further demonstrated later on in the episode where he expressed concern for Dorian stepping out into fire because of his lack of a chest plate. No one would have been that concerned over a standard MX – they are apparently completely disposable and a dime a dozen. Basically a walking toaster.

Some little thoughts about the episode:

  • On a social note – I really appreciated that the witnesses were able to testify remotely. This makes SO much sense, and would provide greater protection for witnesses. Why can’t we utilize this today?
  • It was an interesting point that the brain procedure can apparently enhance psychic abilities – and this appears to be accepted (at least a little), and interestingly more so by Dorian than by Kennex. Still, it is a pretty *major* leap from our current understanding of science, and not something I would have expected from a “realistic” show.
  • Dorian chasing the van and flipping it over was admittedly pretty sweet.
  • The show continues to do a great job of integrating effects and CGI into the show.


Rating: 3.5/5

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