TV REVIEW: Almost Human, Episode 1.06 “Arrhythmia”

This episode starts with some pretty heart-stopping drama – literally. A man walks into an ER demanding certain medical procedures; he knows exactly what is wrong with him, and the exact minute that he is going to die. This pretty clearly sets up the premise that there is something shady going on – and of course it will be up to our intrepid duo to figure out just what that is.

The main plot of this episode is pretty straightforward – black market bio-mech organs are being sold to desperate individuals, who are then extorted for money to keep said organs running. If they can’t pay, the organs are shut off. Which, let’s face it, is pretty darn COLD. It takes a whole other level of criminal to conceive and execute a plan such as that. And I appreciate in this case that one of the ultimate villains ended up being a woman – women on television aren’t often seen as being the mastermind of truly awful things. Though I really wish shows would get their acts together – it has become *soooo* easy to pick out who the baddies are in an episode. If you give what appears to be a bit actor a line or two early on in the episode, that isn’t simply expository, it is clear that they are going to come into play later on in the episode. TV shows won’t commit to paying the fees for a speaking role if they aren’t going to make the most use of that actor. But I digress.

The secondary plotline of this episode involves Dorian 2.0; Dorian runs into another DRN working at the hospital, and elects to take him with them as they try to solve the crime. After a few episodes really focusing on Dorian’s individuality, this is a nice wake up call that Dorian isn’t as special as we thought – he’s really just an example of his model. I thought the differentiation between the blue / yellow facial lighting was a nice touch, a fairly simple and elegant solution to finding a way for viewers to differentiate between the two. Though seeing the two of them together was kinda creepy – it just seems, well, *wrong* somehow, even though seeing multiple MX’s at any point in time is just old hat now.

Overall, I thought the central plot of the episode was an interesting one, but once again the show touches on really dark territory without actually going there (and by going there, I mean really delving into the social ramifications). Dorian 2.0 added some humour to the episode, though I’m not really sure what he was meant to do to advance the plot or character development.

Some little thoughts on the episode:

  •  I know this show is on the bubble, but I really hope it gets its act together and gains viewership, as it deserves to stay. The writing seems to be getting weaker however, and this does not imbue me with confidence.
  • The car banter is becoming a regular thing – it seems like the favourite way to open / end each episode. But I guess it is really the only place for one-on-one interaction between Kennex and Dorian.
  • A stock shot of some buildings early on in the episode shows some pretty obvious logos – did legal miss this somehow? (Yes, I notice the strangest things)
  • Seriously, MX’s are becoming the redshirts of the show, as they seem to lose at least one per episode. The chain reaction from the SUV running into the fire hydrant got to the point of preposterousness; and of course ended up with the “death” of yet another MX. While I appreciate humour in a show, this is eye-rolling humour and is getting far too over the top.
  • Bitcoin is still going strong? LOL

Rating: 3/5
Reviewer: Aurra

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