TV REVIEW: Alphas – Season 1 Plus Real Life Mentalist Marc Paul

The series is about a group of powered humans who worked with the government to solve crimes. It’s out now on DVD and to celebrate the release we spent the evening with real life mind reader and mentalist Marc Paul.

In Alphas Dr Lee Rosen (David Strathairn) leads his special team of 5 individuals with unique abilities that includes Warren Christie (This Means War, Once Upon A Time, Apollo 18) as ‘hyperkinetic’ Cameron Hicks; an anti-authoritarian ex-sniper with flawless aim and enhanced motor skills, Ryan Cartwright (Mad Men, Bones) as over-sensitive youngster Gary Bell; a human antennae with the ability to decipher and manipulate electronic frequencies, Laura Mennell (Watchmen, Supernatural, Fringe) as attractive and determined siren Nina Theroux, who can cerebrally influence others to do what she wants, Malik Yoba (CSI Miami, Nikita) as former FBI agent Bill Harkin, who can tap into the adrenal “fight or flight” response and enhance his physical strength at will and the beautiful Azita Ghanizada (Psych, Castle, Entourage) as Rachel Pizad; a timid and sheltered young girl who can heighten one sense above the others at any given time.

Over the 11 episodes we learn about the abilities of the team members and also the back story of their leader Dr Rosen who has worked with Alphas for longer than people think. The first few episodes are slow starters but as with all new shows they need time to find their rhythm. This is not a copy of Heroes as some people would think rather this is an engaging and entertaining TV show.

Among the highlights of the first season are Cause and Effect which adds a new level of tension to not just the group but also that there is something bigger coming. Rosetta is one of my favourites because of the relationship between Gary and Anna and we also hear more about Red Flag who are becoming the Big Bad of the show. Summer Glau guest stars as a Techno ALPHA in Catch and Release which has some excellent character moments. Blind Spot tests the team like never before with a show that was written by 2 Star Trek DS9 and also stars Brent Spiner as an ALPHA.

The season finale really showcases how far the show has come and sets the scene for season two. This is an excellent show that deserves viewer loyalty so if you have not seen it give it a go and I know you will not be disappointed.

To celebrate the release we spent the evening with Marc Paul a world-famous performer and what is probably as close as we are likely to get to being a real Alpha. Marc is also a fan of the show with his understanding of the various gifts or powers that the team members displays and he describes how their powers work and how close we are to them today.

During the evening Marc demonstrated his ability to read minds using various techniques and performedsome amazing mind and number tricks that would make you truly believe that he deserves to be on the ALPHAS team. Of course Marc does not give away his secrets but he did talk about how he started and the techniques he used.

He knew from a young age that he was good at maths and number patterns which he says most people can learn if they try.

When I was a child I got interested in magic and card tricks. I wanted to become a magician when I grew up. At the age of 12 I discovered that there is a branch of traditional conjuring that is called Mentalism. Practitioners of the art of mentalism are called mentalists. This area is far more interesting than JUST normal magic tricks as it teaches genuine techniques that enable you to develop mental skills that most people don’t have or even know about. I like to call it “sleight of mind” rather than sleight of hand.

The various tricks he did were amazing and the people I was with including me were blown away. The acts ranged from mind reading to card tricks and number puzzles. He guessed what word you were looking at from a random book. He knew who you were thinking about from your childhood. He could see images in your mind and then would draw it for you. Check out Marc below to see what I am talking about:

If there was ever an Ambassador for the show ALPHAS Marc Paul is it. His acts are amazing and totally captivating and shows that the abilities in Alphas are not as far off as we think. You can find out more about Marc on his site HERE.

Rating(Marc Paul performance): 5/5
Rating (DVD:)  4.5/5
Reporter: Montoya

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