TV REVIEW: Being Human Season 2, Episode 1 – Turn This Mother Out

We’re given a lay of the land after the events of last season and ideas of what’s to come. The storytelling is very linear and not quite as intertwined as I originally though it would be. As it’s just the beginning of season two, I’m hoping things will get a bit messier; that the story lines of the three (or four) main characters mesh together a bit more. The cast have great chemistry and I hope we see more of that this year.

Aidan struggles with avoiding the violent lifestyle of his past as “Mother”, the ruthless Vampire Queen, tempts him with freedom in exchange for agreeing to train her disgraced Vampire Royal daughter, Suren. Sally grows more powerful and independent with the help of some new ghost friends who show her how to have fun as well as some dangerous spectral skills that, when practiced, threaten to send her down a dark and destructive path. Josh remains unaware of having scratched Nora and both anxiously await the rapidly approaching full moon.

Aidan’s the leader of Boston now that Bishop is gone and trying to wean the illegitimate vamps off of human blood but they’re not buying it; they’re becoming uncontrollable. At the the hospital, Josh checks on a patient to see a vampire noshing on his leg. Rumors are running rampant as  “She” is coming. Seems as though Aidan’s not exactly as free as he thought he would be. The Vampire Queen plans on culling the extras.

Upon Mother’s request, Aidan goes to the Halloway Hotel. Seems as though she wants to give him Boston and he’s warned against saying anything else but yes. Heggeman is there to represent the council and show his support. They’re in for a shock: Mother gives Boston to her daughter. But there’s something off about her because the council tiptoes around the choice, asking if she’s “well” after an incident at the hotel. She says Aidan will be her daughter’s second-in-command. In exchange, Bishop’s vamps will be spared and he will be given true freedom.

Mother and Heggeman talk and to ensure her daughters’ and Aidan’s success, gives him a gun with silver bullets to get rid of a wolfy distraction – Josh. Later, Aidan warns the illegitimate vamps to leave in order to not be culled but when they follow Aidan to ambush Mother, he defends her. Overwhelmed and about to be staked, Mother saves him. They go to dig up her daughter.

Meanwhile, Sally is obsessing about missing her door, drawing it repeatedly, finally dropping the pencil she’s holding. She’s been trying to hold things but can only do so for a limited amount of time. After Josh’s attempts to have his roommates act normal, Nora walks into the kitchen asking if Sally is around; she’s found an invite in the trash for Sally’s high school reunion that night and convinces the ghost to attend.

At the school, Sally encounters Stevie Atkins, a student who committed suicide during their junior year and haunts the building. She brags about being the focus this year since she was murdered but he informs her that Diane Alcott, the most popular girl in school, died a few months ago. She jealously lists off the inane ways she could’ve died but her rant is quickly brought to a halt when she’s told Diane turned out to be a goodwill ambassador and died from malaria. Sally’s annoyed that even in death, someone else gets the spotlight.

The ghostly duo watch the memorial powerpoint with Diane getting the biggest reaction. This triggers eye rolls from Sally, especially when Diane the ghost pops up, not knowing who either of them are. Sally becomes frustrated when watching Stevie try to talk to Diane and get continually ignored. Unable to take it, she rails into the once popular girl. But when she unexpectedly starts agreeing with Sally’s words, she has a breakthrough and her door appears. Sally watches on sadly as Diane walks through.

Sally returns to an empty house and tries to take Stevie’s advice…and sleep. Sally’s door appears and she opens it, staring into the light. At the other end, she seems something coming towards her and the tunnel turns dark. She tries to shut the door but is consumed by a dark-looked spirit. Turns out Sally’s just having a nightmare…and floating. Or is she?

Josh is trying to reapply to medical school and still doesn’t know Nora’s been scratched. She’s reading up werewolves, worried about whether or not she’ll become a werewolf and a mother as she’s 4 weeks along. She doesn’t want him to find out so is trying to avoid his physical advances and distracts him by asking what it’s like to be a werewolf.

Nora tests herself by sniffing a raw steak to see if she reacts but is caught by a fellow nurse so makes up an excuse. She continually asks Josh questions about being a werewolf, frustrating Josh. He doesn’t want to talk about it and argues with Nora before she storms off. But he’s changed his mind as Nora drives him into the forest for the change – she explains that she doesn’t want him to feel alone. Josh turns and Nora thinks she’s escaped that fate. She’s not so lucky. In the middle of his transformation, he hears Nora but before he can reach her, Heggeman shoots him in the arm. We see him line up another shot and all goes dark before we hear the gun go off.

A slower paced introduction to the season, I’m thinking the real action will happen next week. There are definite nods from the original UK series like Josh holding the chicken on a string but overall, the series seems to be going out on it’s own.

Rating: 3/5
GS Reporter: Sharlene

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