TV REVIEW: Being Human Season 4 Episode 3 – The Graveyard Shift

Hal is forced to get a job and Annie goes to Regus to get more information about the prophecy about baby Eve, which leads to Annie making some tough decisions.

The Graveyard Shift, by Jamie Mathieson, starts with a flashback to 1855 where we see Hal and Fergus feeding on a household and it becomes clear that Hal is a little more than your standard vampire.  Flash forward to present day and Annie and Tom have resorted to stealing from the local supermarket to feed baby Eve.  It goes without saying that Annie is not happy about this and insists Hal gets a job as to help provide for baby Eve, reluctantly he goes to work in the cafe with Tom.

Naturally the partnership between Tom and Hal does not start well, mainly due to Tom hiding stakes wherever he can. While Hal is taking out the rubbish Fergus shows up and offers his old friend the chance to take the lead until The Old Ones arrive.  Hal does not take up the offer but does not scare Fergus off when he reveals that we will be back to kill Tom.  The lads start to bond over criticising a left behind Nuts magazine, they then agree on a bet to try and get the number of the first woman to walk through the door.  Who happens to be a “weird goth girl” (her words not mine) by the name of Michaela.  Their attempts are wholly unsuccessful with her claiming that both of them are “not dark enough”.

Meanwhile Annie is threatened by Fergus so in desperation makes a bargain to share her memories with Regus in return for more information regarding the prophecy over baby Eve. Regus what’s the closest thing to sex as he can seem to get, the trouble is these being Annie’s memories it backfires and he finds himself in an uncomfortable position.  Even though the deal didn’t go to plan Regus still reveals details about who is after baby Eve and suggests that Annie takes baby Eve to the middle of nowhere, Bangor.

Annie is clearly scared by what she has learnt and tries to convince the men to join her in running away but neither of them are willing to leave. So the next day she enlists the help of Regus and begins packing while the men are at the cafe.

When night draws in  and Hal closes the cafe early in preparation for when Fergus arrives with his group to kill Tom.  However Michaela has been hiding out of the toilets and has to flee with Hal and Tom, they all end up back at the house to find Annie and Regus packing. Michaela gets to grip with the whole vampire/werewolf/ghost situation and it goes without saying that she finds vampires sexy.  Fergus and his gang arrive for not only Tom but baby Eve as well. After a stand-off with Fergus and his gain part of Hal’s back story is revealed and he stands up for his new friends, unfortunately causing some casualties in process.

With Annie now feeling like she can trust Hal and Tom she decides to stay, however Regus does not stay and leaves, though not alone.  Here there is a mention to Ivan and Daisy of which it becomes clear that Hal has also met them on his travels.

This episode was OK but it felt a little bit slow in places, I don’t mean that it needed more action, it’s just the dialogue did not feel like it’s usual quick wit and intelligence. It was still a solid episode but for me it could have done with a bit more pace, this was the first time I have ever looked at my watch to see how long was left. However for me some of the highlights were the geek references provided by Regus (extra geek points if you get both t-shirt references) and the satirical look at some Goth types that seem to idolise death.

Next week seems interesting with the actor James Lance playing a ghost from the other side.

Quote of the Week: Tom – “I like your tights, you like a bee and I like bees”

GS Reviewer: Amy

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