TV REVIEW: Being Human Season 4 Episode 4 – A Spectre Calls

Annie and Kirby

A ghost from the 1970’s come back from the other side to help Annie but is he really the nice guy he seems to be?

A Spectre Calls, by Tom Grieves, start with a flashback to the 1970s where we meet Alfie Kirby, the ghost who came back at the end of the last episode, walking home a young boy, Billy, and telling him the story behind matchbox cars.  Kirby is obviously a fan of the Green Cross Code Man (linked to YouTube for those too young or not in the UK) and stops Billy from running into the road, however he seems to forget it himself as he gets hit by a car.

Meanwhile Hal and Tom are on baby duty and are not happy about the rota that any has set up but before they get chance to do anything Kirby arrives claiming to be sent by Nina as he used to be a nursery nurse and Nina can see Annie needed help.Annie is convinced of his genuineness after a vague mention about George’s GQ magazines. Within seconds of receiving the grand tour Kirby is already sowing seeds of doubt and distrust in Tom’s head after he ordered out of the house by Annie to get pink curtains and a chest of drawers.

When Tom comes back with a beat up chest, tensions start to show which Kirby then plays on further.  During a discussion with Kirby, Tom reveals he reveals that he’s never had a birthday and that tomorrow is 21st birthday.  Kirby convinces Tom that Annie and Hal are throwing him a surprise party but not to mention it and ruin the surprise. However all of this is interrupted by Eve having a temperature and a doctor having to be called.

It becomes clear that the doctor does not approve of Tom and Hal being the baby’s careers and that he is going to report them, so Kirby decides to silence him and the nature of what sort of person he is becomes clear.  This raises Hal’s suspicions and Kirby reveals just how much he knows.  This forces Hal to accept the only deal on the table which will keep him in the group.

Needless to say there is no surprise party for Tom and through some carefully placed suggestions and actions Kirby gets Tom and Hal out of the house. Leaving Annie and Eve alone with Kirby, who is not who Annie thinks he is. With Annie upset about Tom and Hal leaving Kirby gets to the work he was hired to do, and it wasn’t Nina who employed him.

However Tom and Hal return in time to save Eve but Annie’s motherly love saves her and deals with Kirby. With everything ending with smiles and cakes, the final shot shows us who the man with the burnt arm is.

This episode was better than last week as it kept me guessing throughout on who Kirby was. James Lance, who I loved in teachers, was brilliant and just the right amount of creepy needed to make his character work. This episode lacked the comedy moments that the show normally had though I can see why it might have been difficult to fit it in.

Quote of the Week: Kirby- “Werewolf’s can’t be ghosts, that would really mess things up”

GS Reviewer: Amy

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