TV REVIEW: Being Human Season 4 Episode 5 – Hold the Front Page

adam and yvonne

Teenage vampire Adam is back with his school mistress lover and some friends, and by friends I mean the press.  However there’s more to this teach than meets the eye/

Hold the Front Page, by Tom Grieves, starts with a flashback from 6 months ago at a private girls school, where a posh girl is just about to lose her neck to a very pale Adam.  However he is stopped by a very authoritative schoolmistress and while we do not see her face in this shot, he is clearly taken by it.

Flash forward to present Hal, singing, and someone banging at the door, it doesn’t take long for Annie to let the foul-mouthed teenager in.  Along with him is Yvonne, a 50-something school mistress.    It doesn’t take long before Yvonne seems weird, how many women can tell tales of fighting off Brad Pitt and Kris Akabussi? And with the press banging down the door, it is clear they aren’t the trio’s biggest problem. The lads are getting increasingly interested in Yvonne, which leads some a funny dream sequence, with Yvonne, Tom and some great literary references.  However Hal’s dream sequence goes from down right silly to absolutely gruesome.

It becomes clear the Yvonne is a succubus and all becomes clear.  The interesting twist on this is that Yvonne is completely unaware of what she is and takes it quite badly.  However love wins out of course and Yvonne goes out to the press telling them she seduced him in an effort to get the press off of Adam’s back.

Overall this wasn’t a bad episode but like the previous episodes I am still feeling like this series is lacking something and I can’t work out what.

Quote of the Week: Annie – “Go on, let him in, he’s definitely not the nemesis, he’s way to much a nob for that.”

GS Reviewer: Amy

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