TV REVIEW: Being Human Series 5, Episode 1 – “The Trinity” (SPOILER FREE)

Being Human series 5Returning to BBC3 on Sunday, February 3rd, Being Human is back with more bite but will Hal stay off the blood?  Will Alex ever forgive him for her death? Will Tom stay our knight in shining armour in this series? Unfortunately, I’m not telling too much in this spoiler-free review of episode one but read on to find out a bit more of what’s going on in the premiere episode:

Being Human is back this February for a series that from the trailer promises that “he will rise”.  With none of the original cast of Mitchell (Aidan Turner), George (Russell Tovey) and Annie (Lenora Crichlow) left, the new trio of Tom (Michael Socha) the werewolf, Hal (Damien Molony) the vampire and Alex (Kate Bracken) is the perfect jumping on point for anyone who hasn’t tried this witty drama which isn’t afraid to comment on the current pop culture of today, yes that means even Twilight is not safe.

Episode one starts with a flashback and then the appearance of an old face. Both characters shown I wish I could see spin-offs about. The old face sets the wheels in motion for what could be an interesting storyline for Hal and adds to they mythology of the whole universe.  Who “He” is, is not clear from the trailer and clearly seems to be the big storyline for the series. The opening 10 minutes also includes some great scenes from inside Honolulu Heights showing that the comedy timing is up to tempo and ready to roll.

The new (and old) characters in episode one set up a number of storylines which could go anyway and it’s hard to work out what’s going to happen next.  This is a good feeling as I felt like the last season got a bit too dark and heavy too quickly.  Those who loved the cafe banter and characters from last series will be disappointed to know that unfortunately it doesn’t look like it will be a hangout this year, however a new workplace will allow for a lot more fun.

This episode seems to set a lot the mythology which could span across multiple seasons as well as bring back the fun of being dead or a werewolf.  Let’s face it: if you were a ghost you’d draw penises on people’s application forms or go in to the Welsh Ruby teams’ dressing room too!

I have no little niggles about this episode, it is a great set up to the series.  Not only does it keep the avid watchers involved with references to the past series but is also fresh enough to entice new viewers.  This is not a continuity heavy episode but neither is it a stand alone and fits perfectly as the opening to this series.

Quote of the Week: “Sounds like a plan but make sure they’ve got some crayons, in case I want to draw some ponies and $H!%”

Rating: 5/5
Reviewer: Amy

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