TV REVIEW: Castle – Season 5, Episode 1 ‘After The Storm’

castle_season_5_188u0ue-188u0ujCastle returns to our UK screens with Season 5 and you can check out our review of the opening episode behind the cut! We spend many hours in front of the TV watching the guy covet the girl, the guy chase the girl and then eventually the guy getting the girl (or the other way around in these enlightened times). But that’s usually when it ends, when the Happy Ever After sign appears and the overture plays.

So how do we deal with the morning after? This is the problem faced by the writers on Castle. How do they change the dynamic of a globally successful show after four years without pulling a ‘Moonlighting’ and destroying the very thing that kept people watching? While the premise of the show has been done before (although Richard Castle is a tad more suave than Jessica Fletcher), at the very soul of it was the ‘will they, won’t they’ relationship between Castle and Beckett.

The earth shattering moment that all Caskett fans had been waiting for finally happened at the end of last season and this opening episode takes us straight to the morning after the night before.

We quickly realize that the writers are not going to go down the usual ‘heroes get together and then after one night are thwarted by a series of misunderstandings’. Nope, they are actually going to go for it, have the characters face up to their relationship. Once you realize this you can settle into what is a pretty entertaining episode.

At the beginning our dream team of investigators are scattered. Castle and Beckett are trying to figure out their new relationship, Beckett is no longer a cop, Esposito is on suspension and Ryan is struggling to get a break in the investigation into the murder of Beckett’s mum.

This episode is less about ‘Caskett’ than I had anticipated and more about setting things up for the new season. This including the introduction of a new big bad.

Annoyingly, something that is overshadowed by the scene setting for future episodes is the fractured relationship between Ryan and Esposito after Ryan’s ‘betrayal’ at the end of last season. Very little is said about it but it’s played out in small ways whenever the two are on screen together. The relationship between these two was in the very best tradition of mis-matched cop buddies so to see them not speaking or working together is frustrating and you really want to sit them down with a few beers to scream, shout and then hug it out.

Most TV shows are struggling by Season 5 to keep things interesting but by strengthening new bonds and creating new tensions, Season 5 of Castle should keep us on our toes.

Rating: 4/5
Reporter: Geek Adventure

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  1. It was a very good episode. I thought the physical comedy of Beckett leaving the loft was well done.

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