TV REVIEW: Castle – Season 5, Episode 2 “Cloudy With a Chance of Murder”

castle_season_5_188u0ue-188u0ujThe difficult second episode! Last week moved things along and set up so much that it was inevitable that this week would suffer.  It seems like the writers felt they had to take a breath and this weeks episode is the result.

That doesn’t mean that this is a bad episode, far from it.  It just seems a bit weak. This weeks murder, that of a TV weathergirl, is less about the crime and more like an easy set up to explore the traps and pitfalls of secret workplace relationships.

As viewers, we’ve always enjoyed watching Castle being adorkable, the way he reacts with excitement at the things that we would all fangirl/boy at (shooting guns, chasing people down alley, killer zombies) but the fun of this episode is watching Beckett watch Castle.  She finally gets it, gets the reasons that we all fell in love with him in Season 1 and is allowed to show it.

After last weeks tension between Ryan and Esposito, this continues throughout the episode with both of them sporting black eyes (although not as a result of  what you might think).  A discovery at the end of the show sets them both back on the path they were always meant to be on, partners -both cop and sparring.

On a side note, the geek in me is always waiting for a reference or a sly wink to Nathan Fillions geek-lord status.  Sometimes it’s just a small nod (Castle speaks Chinese learned from ‘a show I used to love’) or a huge signpost (Halloween! Space Cowboy!).  These references have been absent from the past two episodes and I hope that the writers realize that it’s these that help set the show apart from the average cop drama.

This episode is not vintage Castle but has all the elements that we have grown to love. It by no means ranks up there with the best of them but has enough nice moments to make it an enjoyable watch.

Rating: 3.5/5
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