TV REVIEW: Castle – Season 5, Episode 5 ‘Probable Cause’

castle_season_5_188u0ue-188u0ujThis weeks episode of Castle felt, at times, strangely familiar. A gruesome murder, our hero in the frame and suspicion throwing our team into turmoil. The set-up felt like it had been done before by every crime show out there and it did make me wonder where the story would take us.

That was until halfway through the episode then BAM! Things got really exciting! The writers obviously decided that the audience needed a wake-up call, shaking them out of their stupor with a link to the past along with a possible set-up for future episodes.

For the first time in a while, I was genuinely excited by the crime part of the story. Not that the interaction between Castle and Beckett wasn’t touching, it was, but the actual mystery part of this storyline was a lot more interesting. The crime scene was particularly macabre and the episode felt like one big puzzle.

To see the team torn apart by the thought that Castle could have committed a murder was played out beautifully by the cast. In particular a scene between Lanie and Beckett, showed the despair that Kate feels at potentially losing Castle. A fantastic episode that delivers twists and turns for our crime-fighting duo.

Something to note: the Big Bad that had been set up so well in Episode 1 has yet to surface. Have the writers forgotten about the shadowy senator that had a hand in Beckett’s mothers murder? Or are they too busy ensuring that we as an audience don’t reject the idea of Castle and Beckett being a couple that they don’t want to shoehorn too many elements into the show?

Either way, I hope that they bring him back later in the Season. Power plays in the corridors of government would be an excellent counter to Beckett’s “on the street” cop.

Rating: 4/5
Reviewer: Geek Adventure

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