TV REVIEW: Community Season 3 Episode 20 – Digital Estate Planning

Pierce’s inheritance finally comes through but he – and the study group – must find their way through a video game devised by pierce’s father in order to claim it. The problem is that Cornelius’s long time assistant is also after the cash.

So the study group are finally transformed into an 8-bit video game and geeks around the world are rejoicing. As the gang find their way through the game, they come across many unexpected obstacles; Abed falls in love with a character in the game, Annie and Shirley accidentally murder an iron monger and Troy becomes fascinated with the ‘jump’ button. Ok, so maybe the last one isn’t that much of an obstacle.

The visuals look great, the game play, character design and aound effects are in keeping with the 1980s video game style. Cornelius devised this game after a suggestion from Pierce is designed to test his mettle. and each of the study group stay true to their characters throughout. Even Abed’s unexpected behaviour is in keeping with his obsessive personality and he comes through for his friends in the end. In fact, all of the group realise that they must work together to secure Pierce’s inheritance and continually do so, even when it is against the game’s objective.

This is a fun and silly episode of Community, and the first hint that the group’s actions throughout the series will come back to haunt them in the near future. this could easily have been a stand alone episode of the show, and it seems that it was moved in the season as there is no mention of the Dean or the Chang-es (see what I did there!?) that the school is going through. No matter though, this episode is as geeky and fun as we could hope, and once again Community proves that the show can lend itself to any style.

Reviewer: Brogen Hayes

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