TV REVIEW: Defiance – Episode 5

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After a good episode last week that showed a lot of promise, can Defiance keep up the good work again? This week sees the arrival of the Landcoach – it brings and takes away deliveries as well as people. Amanda and Nolan are travelling with money to build a railway – also with them are an ambassador from New York who is keen to speak to Amanda, and Rynn, the killer Castithan from episode 3.

Now whilst this sounds like it might be interesting it isn’t. It is all far too predictable – I had worked out what was going to happen about 10-15 minutes in. For instance the coach is suddenly sabotaged, umm wonder who that could have been? Oh maybe the vicar who was hanging around at the beginning of the episode, and we have never seen before?

Then it turns out that someone has tipped them off about the money that Amanda and Nolan are carrying – I won’t say who (as it’s really obvious) but here is a little clue, maybe it’s the person who has been bugging to see Amanda from the beginning? Hmm! I’m guessing that the ‘twist’ to who the ‘tipper’ is was supposed to be ‘shocking’ but again it was far too predictable to be so, and I found myself saying ‘Boring’ – before we were half way in. And of course Rynn escapes – again never saw that coming!, and runs away to avoid having to go to prison in New York.

The story back at Defiance was a little better, with Irisa convinced that a face from her past has turned up. This person is the man who tortured her as a child. Whilst this just meant that Irisa spent the episode doing her usual scowling and beating people up again, we did get to finally discover the circumstances that caused Irisa and Nolan to meet for the very first time – which was nice. Anything to do with finding out about back stories, is always good – more of this please!

However as a whole episode I was very disappointed. After a good episode last week, this just felt like a complete let down. The whole premises of Defiance is a good one, but the writing seems to be letting it down. It also feels like the writers are treating the viewers as idiots, making plots very easy to see through, and nothing is very taxing at all. This doesn’t  help keep the viewer glued, it makes the show boring, and makes me kind of angry. I can’t believe that SyFy has commissioned a second series on what I have seen so far, so I can only hope that the series dramatically picks up!

And one thing that REALLY annoyed me was at the end. The Ambadassor has been put in cuffs and put back in the Landcoach to be taken to jail, however the guards who are obviously in her pocket remove her cuffs straight away! Hello? Wouldn’t it be better to wait until either you have driven away from Defiance or at the very least the doors are shut? Nolan or Amanda could walk in at any point and realise something dodgy is going on! Sigh. This is exactly what I mean by poor writing.

After a promising episode last week, another poor episode. Come on SyFy, pull your finger out I know you are much  better than this!

Rating: 2/5
Reporter: darkphoenix1701

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