TV REVIEW: Defiance Season 1, Episode 6 – “Brothers In Arms”

DefianceNolan receives a blast from the past who is tracking a criminal that is on the run and passing through Defiance.  Will this be a recipe for a better story than we had in the last episode?




This week’s episode sees Castithan Pol Madis “The weapons designer!” on the run in Defiance. Hot on his tail is Eddie Braddick, an old comrade of Nolan’s. Eddie is now a bounty hunter, paid to get Madis and take him to the Earth Republic to be tried for war crimes.

Madis drops a Crystaline Drop Blast (which, incidentally, he invented) in the middle of the market to get Eddie off his tail, injuring and maiming people in the process. Nolan, as Law Keeper, wants him prosecuted in Defiance, much to Eddie’s dismay – he wants to hand him in and get his bounty. Mayor Amanda, meanwhile, is using the situation to try to get the rights for the railway (mentioned in the previous episode) and sort Madis’s extradition out to benefit her own means.

Madis is locked up in jail but someone slips him explosives and he is able to escape and goes back on the run. He is followed by Eddie and Nolan, who soon catch up with him. Nolan then learns that Madis is not going to be tried but used for his weapons knowledge – Nolan is not happy and a fight ensues. During the episode, we learn that Eddie was with Nolan when he saved Irisa and went to prison on Nolan’s behalf so Nolan could bring up Irisa. We also discover Nolan has a bounty on his head, and Eddie debates for a time whether to take in Nolan and claim the bounty for him.

Meanwhile, Quentin McCawley is looking up the symbols from the cave and artifact when crooked ex-Major Nicolette Riordan (with a shadowy man hiding in the background) comes across him and asks what he is doing. His dad warns him that Nicolette is a dangerous person and to stay away from her. Quentin comes back from NOT throwing the artifact in the larva pits in the mines to find the shadowy man searching their house for said artifact. A struggle ensues between them ending in the death of one of them.

This week’s episode was a vast improvement from last week’s. The show seems to blow very hot and cold, one week being good, and the next boring. I am hoping that soon (very soon please) they are going to get into their stride and get the show to be consistently good. My one main criticism is again Irisa – please come up with some decent story lines for her, all she seems to do each week is scowl and it’s getting rather boring.

A better week again and fingers crossed it’s the start of good things. Please note Defiance is on a 1 week break and is returning on Tuesday 4th June.


Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: darkphoenix1701

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