TV REVIEW: Defiance – Season 1, Episode 2

DefianceAfter watching nearly two hours of the pilot episode, I came away feeling very much – Meh!. Can episode 2 ignite my passion for this new sci-fi TV series?

Episode 2 continues directly on from the events of the pilot, with the inhabitants dealing with the aftermath of the attack by the Voltans, and the betrayal of one of their own Ben – who currently lies unconscious in the hospital unable to give up any hints on who is behind his betrayal.


I’ll be honest nothing much really seemed to happen in this episode, and it feels like the show is still trying to find its feet.

In this episode we discover that Defiance is built on the top of old St. Louis – which was actually preserved when the planet underwent terraforming.  In this weeks episode newly made Lawmaker Nolan, Rafe McCawley and others venture into the old city after Ben escapes there, to try and finish what he started – destroy the town &/or get all the inhabitants of Defiance to leave so that Ex-Major Nicky can find some artifact for some unknown person.

Back up in the new town, the Casthian’s have caught the man who run away during the fight and are torturing him for cowardice. This doesn’t sit well with Irisa who simply says that she doesn’t like chains and wants to free him. This puts Mayor Amanda at a bit of quandary as there are lots of different races within Defiance all with their own religions, and she is doesn’t want to start a riot (a previous one is told about briefly) if she stops this – especially since the shadowy Datak Tarr is in charge of this ‘punishment’.

By the end of the episode, all seems happy again. However we haven’t really learned any more background information about the people in Defiance, or the previous war. To be honest I didn’t really care that the town or it’s inhabitants were in danger, and just wanted the episode to end.

I really hope that they start to up the pace in the next few episodes, otherwise I can’t see this series getting very far. I do like the character of Nolan and especially Datak Tarr and his wife – and I really hope they start to expand on Irisa’s character, as all she seems to do at the moment is just scowl and hit people!

However I do have hope, mostly because Rockne S. O’Bannon is tasked with the writing duties – he did such a  fabulous job with Farscape (and I can see elements of Farscape in this) that I hope in a couple of episodes this series will find it’s feet and become the new Sci-Fi show that everyone talks about for years to come.

Fingers crossed for episode 3 people!

Rating: 2.5/5
Reporter: darkphoenix1701

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