TV REVIEW: Defiance – Season 1, Episode 3

So after the disappointment of last weeks episode, I was more optimist after reading the synopsis on SyFy – ‘Irisa forced to face disturbing power, whilst Defiance is attacked by dangerous Hellbugs’. Sounds interesting? We shall see…

So episode three starts off with the violent deaths of two people, this is quickly put down to Hellbugs – a creature whose saliva is strong acid that can chew through anything. After Datak Tarr is then attacked, it is quickly worked out that pheromones are being put on people to direct the Hellbugs – there is a killer out there people!

In the meantime Irisa is having weird visions about the past, which conveniently help them to work out who the killer is and where they are. Once the Hellbugs are found they are also quickly disposed of, and all is well again.

This episode started out well, with a couple of violent deaths I felt sure that we would have some detective work going on to work out exactly who was behind it, and then come up with a cool plan to dispose of the bugs. However this episode lacked any suspense at all – what caused the deaths? Bugs did, Why? Because of this?, Who is it? Why its this person, Where are they? Here? It all felt much too easy – and Irisa suddenly having visions which basically helped to completely solve the whole thing, this just felt like a bit of a cop-out.

Come on people, I know you are just starting out, but a little suspense would have been nice!

In the background we still have Datak Tarr trying to make nice with Christie so that she and his son marry – getting a bit bored of this now after three episodes. There are supposed to be lots of other races in Defiance so why can’t we explore them a little, or even find out more about the past and the Great War.

Another episode that I felt let down by, and Irisa changed from just scowling this episode to having Cordelia Chase ‘visions’, which I think will get old very, very soon.

Well fingers crossed for a better episode next week – again!

Rating: 2/5
Reporter: darkphoenix1701

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