TV REVIEW: Defiance – Season 1, Episode 4

DefianceAfter three less than great episodes, and a lot of hoping and praying, is this week’s episode any better – or am I just banging my head against a brick wall?


In this week’s episode, Nolan starts off a private war against Datak after the murder of his fellow Castithan Elah Dandik at the end of episode 2. With Nolan saying he will pay off all the snitches to get dirt against Datak.

So far so boring – then the actual plot kicks in. This week features the capture of Kenya and one of her girls by Datak’s bioman Icarus.

The rest of the episode follows Nolan and Amanda as they try to find and save her. Now whilst this may sound boring, it means that Nolan ends up ‘working’ together with Datak – neither are completely happy with this, but the chemistry between them was amusing, and I think this could be really entertaining to watch in the future.

The plot is actually resolved well, and I think that the characters are finally starting to get themselves established. We finally see what the Volge look like up close, and learn a bit more about the gold trinket that Rafe McCawley found in his son’s room – no doubt this is going to be a vital plot development that will gradually unfold (hopefully they don’t drag it out though)!

All in all a much better episode, and it gives promise to the rest of the series at last – however, I would keep your eye on Stahma as she seems just as, if not more, cunning and conniving than her husband Datak.

One quick moan though, where was Irisa in this episode? Surely she could have had one of her ‘visions’ and saved things again, or is that only good when needed to explore her story arc?

Oh and just in case you recognised Icarus’ friend, its Robin Dunne from fellow SyFy Channel show Sanctuary, where he plays Will Zimmerman.

Shows promise – please keep it up!


Rating: 3.5/5
Reporter: darkphoenix1701

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