TV REVIEW: Dexter Season 7, Episode 10 – “The Dark…Whatever”

Dexter7As Dexter and Hannah grow closer, she gets a surprising visitor from her past. The Phantom Arsonist still has Miami Metro stumped, while LaGuerta zeroes in on Dexter in her BHB investigation.

A bit of a slow one this week, but it starts to set the scene for the last two episodes of the season. And sh*t’s about to get serious!

Dexter and Hannah get closer and closer every week; this time, he opens up to her about his Dark Passenger. When she questions him, he explains to her that it’s the Dark Passenger that drives his need to kill. Hannah doesn’t buy it, however, telling him that he always has a choice, and that the Dark Passenger  is just a feeling…a feeling that he wants to kill. Dexter initially rejects this theory. While they’re chatting, Hannah’s father shows up at the house, fresh out of a stint in jail. He asks to spend some time with his daughter.

The Phantom Arsonist is keeping Miami Metro busy, his crimes getting more and more gruesome. He kills a mother and child, and then burns a bus. Dexter’s initial suspicions toward the arson investigator turn out to be a dead end, but the team gets lucky and pulls a print from one of the crime scenes. Preliminary tests reveal nothing but, on a hunch, Dexter breaks into the juvie records at the Municipal Building and runs the print there. He gets a match, identifying the arsonist.

He has the arsonist on his table – when he asks why he did it, the arsonist blames someone from his childhood. Dexter tells him he can’t use his past as a crutch to explain his actions today. Realizing that this applies to himself as well, Dexter doesn’t kill him, but turns him over to Miami Metro.

Things seem to go well with Hannah’s father at first, but he reveals his true colors when she refuses to give him $20,000 to invest in his new business venture. He destroys her greenhouse, and later shows up at Dexter’s apartment. He tells Dexter that if he doesn’t get the money, he will take damaging evidence to the police, which will put Hannah in jail for murder. Hannah feels she has no choice but to give him the money, but Dexter has a different idea. He kills Hannah’s father, thinking that he’s eliminated the threat to her, but it turns out her father has already left a message for Deb, telling her who she needs to talk to in order to put Hannah away for good.

LaGuerta learns that the person renting the house where Doakes was killed is the man who was responsible for the death of Dexter’s mother. She is increasingly convinced that she is on to something with Dexter, but Matthews tries to talk her out of it. Meanwhile, Quinn discovers that George is sending Nadia to a sex club in the Middle East and goes to confront him. Things get ugly, and Quinn winds up killing George. He then has Nadia shoot him in the arm, creating a false alibi of self defense.

As I mentioned above, this episode felt a bit slow, but a lot of things did happen that we’re going to see play out over the next couple of episodes.

Hannah’s fate – Dexter thinks Hannah is safe now, with her father at the bottom of the ocean. However, Deb has a lead on the critical evidence that will put her away for good. She’s already made clear that she will not back off when it comes to pursuing Hannah – whether she’s protecting Dexter as his sister or is jealous and has more personal motivations is unclear. One thing’s for sure, though – look for some kind of showdown between Dex’s two leading ladies in the coming weeks. Which side will he come down on?

LaGuerta’s investigation – it seems the tenacious Captain is honing in on Dexter. She’s not wrong, obviously, but it’s her desperation to clear Doakes’s name that has her seeing this through. Matthews will do what he can to dissuade her, including talking to Dexter about it, but I suspect she won’t be so quick to give it up. Dexter will need to throw her off the trail, and we all know his favorite way of taking care of problems…

Quinn’s downward spiral – this has been playing itself out in the background, but Quinn is getting deeper and deeper into trouble as the weeks go by. Destroying evidence, accepting bribe money, falsifying an alibi. While we know he was investigated in the past for similar deeds, it’s difficult to judge the guy now, since his motivation is that he’s trying to protect Nadia. I do like Quinn, I do think he’s a good guy, and I really hope this doesn’t all wind up blowing up in his face (though I suspect that it will).

Only two more episodes to go and they’ve got a lot to fit in, so I’m definitely expecting some action packed times ahead!


Rating: 3/5
Reviewer: Mirjana

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