TV REVIEW: Dexter Season 7, Episode 11 – “Do You See What I See?”

Dexter7It’s the penultimate episode of the season, and Dexter’s got some tough choices to make: who’s more important to him – Deb or Hannah? And what the hell is he going to do about LaGuerta?

It’s not often that we see Dexter get emotional, or get outsmarted by a nemesis. This week, we see both in one shot.

Christmas is in the air, and Dexter is contemplating the future. He’s not one that’s ever thought about it much, but now he sees the possibilities with Hannah. But first, there’s one more thing from his past that he’s got to square away. Hector Estrada, the man who orchestrated his mother’s murder, is being released from prison. He’s already taken care of the thugs that did it, now he can finish off this last piece of the puzzle. After Estrada’s release, Dexter tracks him down and pretends he has some drugs to move, setting up a meeting with him for Christmas Eve.

Deb continues her relentless pursuit of Hannah, going to visit Arlene, who, according to Hannah’s father, saw Hannah poison an old counselor of theirs. She tells Arlene that she will give her immunity if she gives Hannah up; if she doesn’t, she’ll be going to prison as an accessory. Arlene immediately runs to Hannah and talks to her about the visit. Hannah shows up at Deb’s house and asks if they can bury the hatchet, since they both love Dexter. Deb tells her she’ll never give up her pursuit, because she loves Dexter and will do anything to protect him.

Dexter meets with Matthews on his boat, where Matthews proceeds to tell him about LaGuerta’s theory. He tells Matthews that he’s not the BHB, convincingly so, but when he tells Deb that he’s going to have to plant evidence, she offers to do it. The planted evidence leads LaGuerta and Matthews to an abandoned boat storage unit, where they find the final nail in the coffin. Matthews considers the case closed, but LaGuerta isn’t convinced.

Tragedy nearly strikes when Deb is involved in a car accident – she blacks out behind the wheel. When Dexter goes to see her in the hospital, she tries to convince him that Hannah poisoned her with her own anti-anxiety meds. Dexter doesn’t want to believe her, but he goes to Deb’s house to look for evidence. He also examines the car, where he finds a bottle of Deb’s water, which he sends to the lab for analysis. He does confront Hannah about it, but she denies it adamantly, telling Dexter he needs to decide what he wants.

Dexter meets up with Estrada, and quickly gets the jump on him. He’s all set to kill him when Estrada accuses Dexter of working with the police to frame him. When Dexter asks for clarification, we learn that LaGuerta pushed for his release in the hopes of catching Dexter in the act. Sure enough, she shows up at the site, but Dexter and Estrada escape. The next morning, Dexter discovers that Deb’s drinking water was laced with her anti-anxiety medication. Unable to deal with Hannah’s betrayal, Dexter turns Sal Price’s poisoned pen over to Deb. The episode ends with Hannah being arrested, and Dexter realizing he was foolish to look forward to the future.

This was a really powerful episode, I thought, for a couple of reasons.

First, the showdown between Deb and Hannah. We all knew it was coming – with Deb’s determination to put Hannah behind bars, it was only a matter of time before everything went to hell. As much as Dexter cares about Hannah, he is visibly shaken by the thought that she would do something to hurt Deb. He makes a choice – the right choice, I think – to protect Deb. The fact that Hannah would sink so low really calls everything into question for him.

Interestingly, he makes the decision to have Hannah arrested rather than dispose of the threat in a more typical Dexter fashion. Perhaps he doesn’t feel like he could kill her at this point. Or maybe he needed to give her over to Deb to really drive home his choice. Either way, I suspect he’s going to wind up regretting not silencing her for good.

His near miss with LaGuerta and Estrada was another rarity – it’s not often we see Dexter outsmarted by anyone. But like his situation with Deb, he shouldn’t have underestimated LaGuerta’s loyalty to Doakes. He managed to escape this time, but now LaGuerta has a potential witness in Hannah, so I’m afraid it’s only a matter of time before the you-know-what hits the fan for Dexter.

Given that the next episode is the season finale, I’m not entirely sure he’s going to make it out of the season unscathed.


Rating: 4/5
Reviewer: Mirjana

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