TV REVIEW: Dexter Season 7, Episode 4 – “Run”

Bit of a slow one this week, but it definitely serves its purpose.

Debra is still struggling with Dexter’s dark passenger, while Miami Metro is trying to catch Ray Speltzer, who captured and nearly killed Deb last week. Also, the Ukrainians are getting closer than ever to our favorite blood spatter analyst.

Deb starts out the episode dreaming about being in a bath tub full of blood, with Dexter standing next to her. The next day she questions him about Rita’s death, and he confesses his involvement with Trinity. She questions whether or not he ever loved Rita, or whether he’s even capable of it. Dexter is adamant about it, and he also tells Deb that he loves her. Later on, Debra tells him that she thinks Harrison should go live with Rita’s parents in Orlando. Dexter refuses to even consider it.

Speltzer is still on the loose – Dexter and Matsuka try getting DNA from the mausoleum where he kept his trophies, but come up empty. They finally catch a break, though, when Speltzer is arrested by local police and brought in for questioning. Batista can’t get anything out of him, but Deb gets him to crack and confess to at least of of the murders. Their elation is short lived, however, when they discover that Speltzer never clearly agreed to understanding his Miranda rights – the judge tosses out his confession and Speltzer walks, leaving Dexter free to hunt.

Meanwhile, Sirko – the Ukranian boss man played by Thor‘s Ray Stevenson – realizes that if Homicide keeps shutting down his club, they must not know that Viktor is dead. He decides to give them a scapegoat so they’ll stop digging. He coerces his bartender into writing a suicide note and then killing himself. Quinn thinks it’s an open and shut case, while Batista uses his Spidey senses to declare the whole thing a set up. Sirko continues his investigation into Dexter, and again vows to avenge Viktor’s death.

Speltzer shows up at Detective Anderson’s funeral, causing Deb to freak out and attack him. Dexter does some investigating of his own back at Speltzer’s trailer, but Speltzer catches him unawares and knocks him out, bringing him to another homemade maze. Dex manages to escape, but he refocuses his efforts, sending Harrison to Orlando to keep him safe. With his head clear, he manages to get Speltzer onto his table – well, onto the cremation table at the cemetery. He kills Speltzer and sends him in to burn. He also burns his collection of blood slides, citing a need to be more careful now.

He calls Deb to pick him up, and she does. When she finds out that he’s killed Speltzer, she admits that she’s glad about it and wonders what that makes her. Dexter tells her that it makes her human.

I’d call this an average episode – I didn’t care much about Speltzer, but he does serve a useful purpose. Deb’s been going back and forth over Dexter since she found out, but when this episode started it felt as though she was really pulling away from him. That makes her admission at the end, her being glad that Speltzer is dead, all the more meaningful. She knows what Dexter does is wrong, but on some level she’s connected with it, and it makes her question what kind of person she is. Dexter sums it up quite nicely for her, highlighting the fact that it’s not really black or white, but somewhere very much in the middle.

I am really enjoying watching Deb and Dexter work through this. They’ve always been so close, and elements of that are still present. Dexter is desperate to hold onto Deb, willing to give a bit of his independence away. Deb is trying to push Dexter away, but in the end, she can’t help herself. She’ll always come when he calls her.

I cannot wait for Ray Stevenson to really get his teeth into Dexter – he’s going to be trouble. It’s interesting to see him in this kind of role; to me, he’s always played more or less likable characters (Volstagg in Thor, Pullo in HBO’s Rome). But here he’s very much the bad guy, and he’s charming when he needs to be, but there’s this underlying menace to it all. At the same time, he’s just trying to avenge the death of someone he cared about. Now that Speltzer is out of the way, I have a feeling this plot line will really start to pick up.


Rating: 3/5
Reviewer: Mirjana

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