TV REVIEW: Dexter Season 8, Episode 10 – “Goodbye Miami”

dexter 8After a break last week, Dexter is back with its final three episodes.

Dexter struggles to wrap up loose ends so he can leave with Hannah, but everything quickly spirals completely out of control…



Dexter and Hannah continue to make plans for their move to Argentina; Dexter hands in his notice at work, and sits Deb down to tell her that he’s leaving. She is understandably skeptical, and makes it well-known that she is not ok with his decision. Dexter is upset, but he carries on with his plans. To ensure Vogel’s safety, he wants to kill Daniel before they leave for Argentina.

Vogel isn’t on board with his plan. She’s called in by Matthews, who quizzes her on Zach Hamilton. After becoming visibly agitated, she leaves the interview room and runs into Dexter. She admits that she saw Daniel, and asks Dexter not to hurt him. Later, Daniel brings her to the room where he kills all of his victims and asks her to help him the way that she helped Dexter. Vogel agrees, and tells him she will get Dexter to back off. Dexter, meanwhile, breaks into Vogel’s home to find something he can use to find Daniel, and he stumbles across a video of Daniel killing Zach.

While all of this is going on, Marshall Clayton finds out that Dexter is leaving Miami (thanks, Batista). He’s immediately suspicious, and he goes to talk to Deb. She puts him off and then warns Hannah that he’s back looking for her. They have to be extra careful to keep her from sight, but an accident forces her to take Harrison to the emergency room, where she’s recognized by the receptionist. Marshall Clayton arrives to question her, and he finds out that Hannah was with Harrison.

Now that Dexter is leaving, Deb decides that she’s ready to go back to Miami Metro. Quinn immediately breaks up with Jamie (though he claims he was going to do so anyway), and the two of them admit that they still have feelings for each other. Without her Dexter hang up holding her back, Deb might actually see a future with Quinn now.

Vogel tries one more time to convince Dexter not to kill Daniel, but when he shows her Zach’s video, she gives in. She tells him she’ll arrange a meeting with Daniel so he can snatch him. Daniel catches her off guard by coming to her home – she manages to let Dexter know, but Daniel can tell that she is nervous. He waits until Dexter arrives, and then slits her throat while Dexter watches.

Wow – another episode with a big shocker at the end. It’s left me feeling very unsettled, probably because I am not used to anyone outsmarting Dexter, and I don’t like it one bit!

Dexter and Vogel aren’t related by blood, but his drive to keep her safe is very telling. He just couldn’t leave for Argentina without ensuring her safety, and now that he’s failed he is absolutely going to be hell-bent on revenge. This doesn’t bode well for him, because he’s at his best when he’s calm and calculated. If he gets sloppy now that the Marshall is on to him…I am afraid to even contemplate the consequences.

Oddly enough, I thought this was a really good episode for Deb. She didn’t deal well with Dexter’s news, but it appears to be the catalyst she needs to move her life forward. She’s losing her brother, but she’s getting back the job she loved so much, and the man she loved as well. I really want to be optimistic about a happy ending for her, but given her involvement hiding Hannah, I just can’t see it ending well.

Either way, we haven’t got long to wait. Only two episodes left until we find out how it all ends…


Rating: 4.5/5
Reviewer: Mirjana

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