TV REVIEW: Dexter Season 8, Episode 11 – “Monkey in a Box”

dexter 8It’s down to the wire now, with the penultimate (ever!) episode of Dexter in the books.

So what crazy things happened this week?




It’s all about change this week as things start coming together – and falling apart – before Dexter’s departure.

After removing all traces of himself from Vogel’s apartment, Dexter calls the murder in. He obviously can’t work the case, so he’s free to go after Saxon (aka Daniel Vogel). He tells Deb about Vogel’s murder, and she also vows to go after him, but to do it her way (she’s finally back on the force).

Dexter doesn’t have to look very hard, though – Saxon shows up at Miami Metro, wanting to clear his name in the investigation into Cassie’s murder. Dexter takes his DNA, and informs Deb that it will tie him to Vogel and make him a prime suspect in her murder. When Deb asks why Dexter’s helping Miami Metro, he says that he just wants Saxon taken care of. He does some more digging, and eventually finds Saxon’s kill room and the videos of all his gruesome murders.

The fun doesn’t stop there – Saxon shows up at Dexter’s apartment, posing as a buyer. He offers Dexter a truce: if Dexter walks away and forgets about him, he will do the same. It sounds tempting, but when Saxon mentions just how much Dexter has to lose – Harrison, Hannah, Deb – Dexter sees the offer for what it truly is: a veiled threat against his family, and he just can’t let that stand. As an answer (and to force Saxon’s hand), Dexter sends one of Saxon’s kill videos to the local news.

While all of this is going on, Marshal Clayton is still trying to find Hannah. When Deb covers for her yet again, he goes to Elway, and the two of them manage to figure out enough to keep an eye on Deb. Hannah, meanwhile, will have to stay at a hotel until she and Dexter are ready to leave in two days’ time.

Deb wants to spend Dexter’s last night with him, just like old times. When she finds out that Dexter’s released Saxon’s video to the media, she helps him catch Saxon by surprise, leaving him to Dexter. Dexter takes him to his own kill room, where he realizes that the desire to kill isn’t the strongest thing in his life anymore – the desire to be with Hannah is stronger. This discovery leads him to call Deb, offering her the arrest.

Clayton tails Deb to the building where Dexter is keeping Saxon. While Dexter and Debra are saying goodbye, he finds Daniel and frees him. Saxon stabs him, and when Deb interrupts, he takes Clayton’s gun and shoots her.

Dexter had a few life-changing realizations this episode, the primary one being that he didn’t feel the need to kill anymore. Because of this, he no longer needs Harry to be his conscience. While this is good, and something he’s wanted, it completely backfires and now Deb has been hurt. Dexter doesn’t know it yet, but his decision to walk away from Saxon did the exact opposite of what he’s been trying to do this entire time – protect Deb.

This is worrying, because every time Dexter tries to have a “normal” life, or takes a step in that direction, something happens to prove exactly why that’s not possible. I mean, even Mother Nature is against him, sending a huge tropical storm directly into the path of their flight to Argentina. It makes you wonder whether Hannah is actually good for Dexter. Yes, they love each other (as much as two psychopaths can), but he doesn’t think clearly when she’s around. He’s survived so long by being incredibly focused, and he’s lost that now. As a result, everything falls apart very quickly.

I am hoping that Deb is ok. I’m also very nervous about Saxon being in police custody, because there’s no way to predict what he’ll tell them about Dexter. Whatever happens, next week’s finale will surely be one to remember.


Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Mirjana

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