TV REVIEW: Dexter Season 8, Episode 12 – “Remember the Monsters?”

dexter 8Here it is, folks – the last episode of Dexter. How did our favorite serial killer end up? Find out after the cut.

This review contains spoilers for the Dexter series finale. If you don’t want to know what happened, turn away now!!






I’ll lay it out up front – Dexter survives, and he’s not in jail, but he definitely doesn’t make it out unscathed.

While Elway is screwing up Dexter and Hannah’s travel plans, Deb is taken to the hospital for surgery. She doesn’t want Dexter to ruin his opportunity to escape with Hannah, so she tells everyone not to contact Dexter. Of course, they don’t listen, and Deb wakes up after surgery to find Dexter at her bedside. Dexter expresses his remorse over leaving Saxon alive, but Deb refuses to let him take responsibility. After hearing that her prognosis is good, Deb urges him to leave. He’s reluctant, but he eventually goes.

Dexter can’t leave without taking care of Saxon. He tells Hannah to go ahead with Harrison, and that he’ll catch up with them when he can. He goes to check up on Deb one more time and finds Saxon there, looking for Deb to finish her off. Right as they’re about to square off, Batista shows up and arrests Saxon. The relief is short-lived. Dexter finds that Deb has been moved due to new complications – she developed a blood clot during surgery which led to a massive stroke, leaving her severely brain-damaged with very little hope of recovery. Understandably, he’s devastated and blames himself.

At the station, Saxon is in an interrogation room with Batista and Quinn. Dexter contemplates leaving him to Miami Metro to take care of, but decides against it. He manages to kill Saxon right under Miami Metro’s nose, but Quinn and Batista are firmly of the opinion that he acted in self-defense, and the case is closed.

With Saxon taken care of, Dexter goes back to the hospital to say his final goodbye to Deb as the hurricane is rolling in. Realizing that he can’t leave her lying in a hospital bed the rest of her days, he apologizes to her and tells her he loves her before taking her off life support. He takes her out on the boat, where he calls Hannah and asks to speak to Harrison. He tells his son he loves him, and then throws his cell phone overboard. Deb’s body quickly follows, and he drives off alone right into the storm.

Later, during the hurricane recovery, pieces of Dexter’s boat are found, and he’s presumed dead. The news trickles down to Hannah, who is safe in Argentina with Harrison. However, we find that Dexter has staged his death and is living somewhere far away, alone.

I am still reeling a bit as I write this, so I will do my best to be coherent – no promises!

It’s a testament to the writers of this show that I so badly wanted a happy ending for this character, despite the many terrible things he’s done. In the end, though, I think that the ending they went with made sense. Dexter’s quest for normalcy over the past eight seasons hasn’t really ended well for anyone, so in the end it’s fitting that he winds up alone. As much as it pains me to say it, our warm fuzzies toward Dexter don’t change the fact that he’s a killer, and that he deserves to be punished. Killing him would’ve been too easy, and now he has to live with the knowledge that his sister is dead and he can never see his son or the woman he loves again.

Pretty devastating, if you ask me.

I really, really wanted Deb to come out of this ok. As of last week (shooting aside), it seemed as though she might have her happy ending – she got back to the job that she loves, and back to the man she loves as well. It seems unfair to give that back to her, and to us as viewers, only to rip it all away so suddenly in this final episode. Now that my initial outrage has abated a bit, I do understand that the only way to accomplish what they wanted in the end was to kill Deb. No one’s death would affect Dexter more – no one else would drive him to isolate himself. It’s utterly heartbreaking, but I get it.

I am very sad to be saying goodbye to this show, but at the same time I am grateful to have had eight seasons of rooting for this anti-hero.


Rating: 4/5
Reviewer: Mirjana

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  1. God I hated it. Terrible episode for a terrible season that put the nail in a once great show. Watching this and Breaking and at the same time, the quality difference is painful.

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