TV REVIEW: Dexter Season 8, Episode 2 – “Every Silver Lining…”

dexter 8After last week’s opener, it’s quite clear that things between Deb and Dexter aren’t so great. The question, then, is how much worse can it get?

A whole lot, it turns out…




Deb continues on her downward spiral this week. She continues working her case, even though her target wound up dead (thanks, Dex!). On her quest to find the jewels, she is attacked and beaten by El Sapo (the assassin). When El Sapo later turns up dead, Dexter is immediately concerned that Deb is in danger and goes to visit her. She reiterates her desire not to see her brother, but not before Dexter notices the bruises she got in her altercation. When some evidence turns up linking Deb to El Sapo’s murder, Dexter confronts her again. When she confesses, Dexter finds himself in the unfamiliar situation of having to cover for his sister.

The mystery surrounding Dr. Vogel is quickly resolved. How did she know about Dexter and Harry’s code? Simple, really – she’s the one that came up with it. We find out that Harry met her during an investigation, and later sought out her help when Dexter started exhibiting strange behaviors. She helped him formulate his code, and therefore helped shape Dexter into the person he is today. Dexter at first appears conflicted about the news, but when it becomes clear that “The Brain Surgeon” (Miami’s newest serial killer) is somehow linked with Dr. Vogel, he steps in to help her.

Another great episode this week!

Deb is a complete mess, and it doesn’t look like there’s any end in sight. She’s heavy into the drinking, which has clearly compromised her decision-making abilities, if her new-found problem solving skills are any indication. And the worse she gets, the more distraught Dexter becomes, to the point where Dr. Vogel notices that something is amiss. She is interested in Dexter’s relationship with Deb, and you get the feeling that she finds it unusual for him to be so attached. After all, he’s not supposed to have any feelings or emotional attachments. But we all know that Deb has always been Dexter’s weak spot.

Dr. Vogel herself is an interesting character. She’s gone from a sinister maybe-enemy to a twisted kind of mother figure in less than an episode. The argument could be made that she’s using Dexter as a means to an end (finding whoever is targeting her with these murders), but she goes on about how proud she’s always been of Dexter, having gotten to know him vicariously through Harry. In fact, she’s got some interesting theories on psychopaths that paint her in a dramatically different light. You really get the sense that she’s come along at a time when Dexter really needs her – he’s losing Deb and really starting to doubt himself, and he needs the reinforcement that Dr. Vogel is giving him.

One only wonders what her real motivation is…


Rating: 4/5
Reviewer: Mirjana

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