TV REVIEW: Dexter Season 8, Episode 3 – “What’s Eating Dexter Morgan?”

dexter 8A bit of a late review this week as we get ready for Comic Con – phew!

So…what IS eating Dexter Morgan?




A bit of a slow one this week, though it certainly had its dramatic moments.

Dexter is still trying to find The Brain Surgeon, going through Dr. Vogel’s patients one at a time. The latest clue, “his” and “hers” brain fragments left on the good doctor’s doorstep, indicates that the killer knows Dr.Vogel has someone looking out for her. Dexter thinks he’s on to something with Brian Galuzzo – the next patient on the list. When he goes to investigate further, he finds out that killing people and scooping out parts of their brain as souvenirs isn’t really Galuzzo’s style.  He’d rather eat the brains than let them go to waste. That’s right folks, a cannibal! Disgusted, Dexter crosses him off the list, but Galuzzo eventually winds up on his table.

Things keep getting worse for Deb. She’s arrested for DUI, and in an attempt to hide it from Dexter, she calls Quinn for help. Of course, Quinn tells Dexter, who again tries to convince his sister that she is a good person, despite what happened to LaGuerta. His plan backfires, sending Deb into a spiral of guilt that takes her to Miami Metro. She confesses the murder to Quinn, who puts her in an interrogation room and immediately calls Dexter (seeing a pattern here?). Dexter shows up with Vogel and Deb threatens again to confess everything, at which point Dexter sedates her. They bring her home and he leaves her in Vogel’s hands, realizing that Deb was right: he is the problem, not the solution.

Let me say first that I am glad Quinn is getting a lot of screen time so far this season. There were a lot of questions surrounding him when he was introduced, and we know he was a crooked cop at one point. But now that he’s past those issues (I hope), his personality is starting to come through again in a way that it hasn’t since he was with Deb a few seasons ago. He’s a good guy – and still in love with Deb, I think – and he’s trying to do what’s right for Deb. Good on you, Joey!

Vogel’s interest in Dexter’s relationship with Deb worries me. If there’s one thing Dexter has always been adamant about, it’s that he loves his sister (unusual as that is for a psychopath). Here, Vogel keeps asking him about it, pointing out that while Deb’s love for him is unselfish, his love for her is not. Even when he claims to be acting to protect her, he’s actually protecting himself. Toward the end of the episode, you can definitely see him starting to crack and question himself. Not only does he acknowledge that his attempts to help Deb only make things worse, but he later likens himself to Galuzzo when the latter is on his table, stating that he too “consumes” everyone he loves.

It’s a difficult thing, finding out that the one thing you’ve always believed steadfastly might not as you thought. Vogel started out as almost a mother figure to Dexter, a connection to his dead father. Now I fear that she’s driving Dexter away from Deb for some Nefarious Purpose. It’ll be interesting to see where they go from here.


Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Mirjana

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  1. I think Vogel is going to kill Debra..

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