TV REVIEW: Dexter Season 8, Episode 4 – “Scar Tissue”

dexter 8Another late review as we catch up on real life after Comic Con…should be back on track next week!

Things are still rough between Deb and Dexter. Can Dr. Vogel help Deb back onto the straight and narrow?





We don’t get to see the direct aftermath of Deb’s sedation and handcuffing episode, but at least she is working with Dr. Vogel to try to deal with her PTSD. They return to the scene of LaGuerta’s death multiple times. Dr. Vogel tries to get Deb to understand that she’s a good person who had no choice but to do a terrible thing. She suggests that the real reason Deb is upset is because she knows that regardless of how she feels right now, she will always choose Dexter when push comes to shove. To help her cope, Vogel shows her recordings of sessions with Harry where they discuss Dexter.

Meanwhile, Dexter is still hunting for The Brain Surgeon. He’s found another promising suspect named Yates – he does a little recon and discovers that Yates has had some sort of brain surgery. Suspicious that this might be a case of Dr. Vogel’s “unorthodox” treatment, he confronts her and she assures him it was a brain lesion. While he’s there, he asks after Deb. Dr. Vogel tells him he needs to continue to give her time; in fact, he should prepare himself for the possibility that she might not want him in her life anymore. Dexter won’t accept that, saying he needs Deb in his life.

He goes to snoop at Yates’s house and finds a bunch of ladies’ shoes. Singles only – no pairs. Trophies. Unbeknownst to him, Yates is spying from the basement. He comes upstairs to attack Dexter, but stops when he hears Dexter on the phone with Vogel. Realizing that Dr. Vogel has teamed up with Dexter, he escapes. Later, once Dexter has connected Yates to the disappearance of several girls, he returns to Yates’s home and discovers his basement bunker, where the latest girl is still alive. Dexter also finds all of Vogel’s files – her notes on her patients. He realizes that she is keeping notes on him as well. Furious that he’s being used as a “subject,” he tells her that after Yates is caught, she is out of his life.

Deb does some snooping at Dr. Vogel’s and finds all of Harry’s recordings, including his last one where he admitted he couldn’t live with what Dexter had become. Realizing the implications of this, Deb goes to Miami Metro to see Dexter, convincing him to take a drive. She asks Dex if Harry killed himself, which Dexter confirms, stating that Harry felt he had created a monster. Deb expresses solidarity with Harry, but then says he only got it “half right.” She grabs the steering wheel and jerks it to the side, causing the car to run off the road and into some deep water. A witness pulls Deb out of the car, and she watches her brother go under. Finally, unable to bear it, she jumps back into the water and saves him.

In other news, Quinn has passed his Sargeant’s exam, and Matsuka gets a pretty big surprise when a “hottie” comes to visit his lab.

Pretty intense episode, with a big “Oh sh*t!” moment at the end.

Dexter is still struggling with not having Deb on his side. He is adamant that he needs Deb, but Dr. Vogel tells him that he only wants her in his life because she puts him on a pedestal, which balances out the monster he sees when he looks in the mirror. He continues to doubt himself, but when Yates sacrifices his father to save his own hide, Dexter realizes that the two of them are nothing alike. He would never sacrifice Deb for his own gain or intentionally hurt her. This is something I absolutely believe, regardless of how many people he puts on his table. He also had to reason to save Yates’s most recent victim. No matter how hard Vogel tries to convince him that he hasn’t got any feelings, I don’t think thing are so cut and dry.

While it felt like Deb was starting to get better through the course of the episode, things took an ugly turn pretty quickly when she found that last tape of Harry’s. What we learn from this whole episode is that Dr. Vogel was right: Deb will always choose Dexter in the end. She may have managed to convince herself that it was Dexter she should’ve killed in that shipping container, but when it came down to it she just couldn’t let him die. I think this will be an important revelation to her and an important step in wanting to reconcile with her brother.

The only question is – how will Dexter react to the fact that she tried to kill him?


Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Mirjana

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