TV REVIEW: Dexter Season 8, Episode 6 – “A Little Reflection”

dexter 8We’re already halfway through the season – just 6 more episodes left!

Just when things start getting back to normal for Dexter and Deb, someone from the past returns to complicate things…




Zach Hamilton keeps turning up at crime scenes to take photos, which keeps him on Dexter’s radar. After tailing him, Dexter finds out that Dr. Vogel has taken Zach on as a patient. After expressing his concern to her, she proposes teaching Zach the code. Dexter vehemently disagrees, but agrees that if he finds any evidence linking Zach to Norma Rivera, he will bring it to her first.

He continues to tail Zach, trying to get close to him in the process, and realizes that he has his eye on a new target. Quinn is also determined to tie Zach to the Rivera murder for different reasons, but Dexter evades him easily enough. He finally gets the proof he needs and goes to Vogel, who reiterates her plea to teach Zach the code. Dexter refuses – when he figures out that Zach is about to make his move, he follows him and realizes that Zach’s father is the target, not the girl. 

Once he has him on the table, Zach admits that he killed Norma in the hopes that it would stop his father from cheating on his mother, who has become an alcoholic. He wanted to kill his father to protect his mother. As Zach keeps talking, Dexter realizes Zach is more like him than he thought, and the idea of having someone to speak to, to teach, appeals to him. He winds up letting Zach go.

Deb and Dexter are in the awkward first phases of getting back to normal, sharing steaks and beer like the days of old.  Just when they appear to be falling back into their old rhythm, Hannah McKay returns with a vengeance, and gets the upper hand on them both.

In other news, Angel decides not to promote Quinn, leading to some strife between him and Jamie. Also, Matsuka really mucks it up with his daughter when he reveals that he looked into her record. I actually felt bad for him, which doesn’t often happen.

A bit of a slow burner this week, with most of the action happening in the last 10 minutes. 

Dexter’s decision to let Zach go was surprising, at least at first. Upon further reflection, Dexter’s non-Deb related weak spot has always been that he craves a connection with someone who knows him for what he truly is. Sure, Deb knows, but she will never accept it 100% – it will never be entirely ok with her. But Lumen, Hannah – they knew what Dexter was and he could really be himself. Neither of those turned out well for him, of course, but maybe this time will be different, given it’s not a romantic situation. With Zach, he is very much a mentor, and gets to play the role of Harry for Zach.

I am not convinced, though – I think there is much more to Zach than he’s let on. I think he’s a good actor and he was able to fool Dexter this time, because Dexter does want that connection with someone. If I’m right, I hope Dexter figures it out fast, because he’s just gotten past this thing with Deb. The last thing he needs is another crisis.

Yvonne Strahovski is back as Hannah, and she is bound to cause some trouble for Dexter. After all, not easy to forgive and forget the man you loved, who then had you locked up for threatening his sister. At this point, all we can do is wait and see, but based on what we know of her character, her vengeance is going to be swift and possibly deadly.


Rating: 3/5
Reviewer: Mirjana

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