TV REVIEW: Dexter Season 8, Episode 7 – “Dress Code”

dexter 8Hannah is back in town – surely, this can only mean trouble for Dexter? Yes, though not in the way that you’d expect…

Dexter sets out to find why Hannah’s returned to Miami. After some (far too easy) surveillance work, he learns that she is in town with her new, rich husband Miles. To further complicate things, Miles appears to know all about Hannah’s past, including her relationship with Dexter. Eventually, Hannah reveals that she returned to Miami to ask Dexter to kill Miles, but changed her mind upon realizing she still has strong feelings for him. Dexter returns the sentiment.

Deb is understandably not pleased that Hannah is back in town. Despite assurances otherwise, she doubts Dexter’s promises to get to the bottom of Hannah’s reappearance. She finds herself in a difficult situation: she wants to have Hannah arrested, but she knows too much about Dexter. Dr. Vogel urges her to trust Dexter, and to consider all of the consequences that might come from moving against her.  She pursues the matter cautiously, all while navigating the complicated relationship with her boss.

Dr. Vogel tells Zach Hamilton all about Dexter and the code, and he is eager to get to know Dexter.  Dexter preaches caution, telling him he needs to learn how to control his urges and be careful.  Zach only grows more agitated, to the point where Dr. Vogel is concerned enough to reach out to Dexter.  When the beating causes Dexter to miss a meeting, Zach is angry and goes to Dexter’s apartment, where he runs into Cassie, Dexter’s neighbor.

Miles finds out about Hannah’s meeting with Dexter – he has Dexter beaten, and confronts her. Things escalate, and when Dexter arrives (he was worried what Miles would do to Hannah), Hannah has already killed him in self-defense. He stays to help her take care of it. Once they’ve disposed of the body, Dexter is called away to a crime scene that’s a bit too close to home – his own apartment complex.

When he arrives, he learns that his neighbor Cassie has been bludgeoned to death, just like Norma Rivera. This was a very emotionally intense episode. I love that Yvonne Strahovski is back. I enjoyed Dexter and Hannah’s relationship the first time around, and this time it’s even better (so far, anyway). There’s clearly a lot of emotion left between them.

Hannah winds up getting what she wanted – Miles is dead – but it comes about in an unexpected way. Despite her checkered past when it comes to husbands, it was very powerful to see her react to her hand in his death. Dexter, too, is clearly shaken and swoops in to the rescue.

His Hannah tunnel-vision has unfortunate consequences, as it appears that Zach has had enough of being put off and has killed Cassie. Dexter questions whether it’s his fault, and questions whether it’s even a good idea for him to be helping Zach. The other complication is that Miami Metro will surely notice the similarities between this and the Rivera case, which will bring the spotlight right back to Zach. Dexter will have to do some fancy footwork, I am sure, to keep Zach safe from this one.

Dex will also have to watch out for Deb, who knows about his rendezvous with Hannah. No one hates Hannah more than Deb does, and she doesn’t appear willing to let Dexter fall back down the rabbit hole. I am dying to see another confrontation between Deb and Hannah…let’s keep our fingers crossed!

Rating: 4.5/5
Reviewer: Mirjana

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