TV REVIEW: Dexter Season 8, Episode 8 – “Are We There Yet?”

dexter 8Things are really starting to heat up now, folks!

Hannah continues to cause friction between Dexter and Deb. Dexter sets out to learn the truth behind Cassie’s murder, while Deb does a little sleuthing of her own…



Dexter is preoccupied with Hannah, despite everything that’s going on with Zach and Cassie’s murder. During the investigation, Dexter finds Zach’s blood under Cassie’s nails. He has to cover it up, because Zach knows too much about him. Still, he needs to be dealt with, so Dexter goes on the hunt and discovers that he’s hiding out down in The Keys.

Hannah continues to be a sore spot for Deb, and when she confronts Dexter, he reveals why Hannah came to Miami in the first place. He continues to reassure her that Hannah is about to disappear from their lives for good, but Deb tells him that he’s just lying to himself. She insists that the only course of action is for Hannah to be locked up. When it comes to Hannah, though, Dexter doesn’t seem capable of making wise decisions, so instead of staying away, he invites her to come with him when he goes down to The Keys to find Zach.

Deb has decided she’s had enough of Dexter’s indecision about Hannah, so she goes to her boss and talks him into trying to track her down. She’s also placed a GPS on Dexter’s car to track his movements, so she knows it when he’s headed down to The Keys. When Dexter lies to her about where he is, she follows him.

On the way down, Dexter tells Hannah about Zach and about Dr. Vogel. When they finally get to Zach’s hotel, they find it covered in plastic – much like Dexter’s own kill rooms. When Zach comes back, he swears he didn’t kill Cassie, and that he’s been tracking an old acquaintance that he knows killed someone. He botched the kill, though, and Dexter goes into mentor mode and goes with him to help him take care of the body.

While they’re gone, Deb shows up and confronts Hannah. They talk, and Hannah reveals that she still loves Dexter, and that he loves her – if Deb arrests her, it will hurt Dexter. When both Dexter and Zach arrive back at the hotel room, Deb gives up trying to figure out what’s going on and says that Hannah is Dexter’s problem now. When she gets back to Miami, she tells her boss she’s given up on trying to find Hannah. She also reveals that she’s considering a return to the police force. He cautions her to really think about it, and then goes off to continue investigating Hannah on his own (unbeknownst to Deb).

When they arrive back in Miami, Dexter, Hannah and Zach have dinner with Dr. Vogel. After, Dexter shows Zach the crime scene photos from Cassie’s murder and reveals that he found Zach’s blood under her fingernails. Zach swears his innocence again, and Dexter starts to think he might have been framed, based on an earlier conversation where Zach mentioned repeatedly cutting himself on the door handle of his rented car.

Dexter takes Hannah back to her hotel, where they have an…extended good-bye. When he gets back to his apartment, Zach is there – dead. Upon examination, Dexter finds a dismally familiar site – his brain has been excavated. Looks the The Brain Surgeon is back!

Faced with this, Dexter decides that he cannot let Hannah go, so he meets her the following morning and asks her to stay with him.

I really enjoyed this episode – it spent some time building up this twisted sort of family unit Dexter has accumulated throughout the season, only to have it come crashing down in the last few minutes.

The trip down to The Keys was basically the most messed up family vacation you will ever see – Dexter and Hannah playing the role of the angry parents going after their errant son, Zach. As soon as they find him, Dexter goes immediately from predator stalking his prey to father figure, pointing out Zach’s mistakes and helping him correct them. The trip back to Miami and subsequent dinner at Dr. Vogel’s further cement the image of them gelling into a family.

Which is why it’s so completely jarring when we find out that Zach is dead. Kudos for Sam Underwood for his amazing performance – last week, I was ready to write him off as a lost cause, much like Dexter did this week. But once they found him again, he was so endearingly eager to work with Dexter, I couldn’t help but like him again. Especially now that it looks like he didn’t kill Cassie – probably the work of The Brain Surgeon, trying to mix things up. I don’t think Zach’s death will make things easier, either – Quinn is still determined to pin Cassie’s murder on him and is bound to keep digging.

I probably shouldn’t enjoy Dexter and Hannah’s relationship so much, but I really, really do. Dr. Vogel comments on how taken they are with each other, and it’s true. I think Michael C. Hall and Yvonne Strahovski have great chemistry, and I am cringing to think what’s going to happen next, now that she’s staying in Miami (and given the preview of next week’s episode).

I knew Yates wasn’t The Brain Surgeon! In my review of “This Little Piggy,” I mentioned that it was too tidy for him to disappear so early in the season. Now that I’ve been proved right, it’s time to see what havoc the real killer will wreak in the remaining four episodes…


Rating: 4.5/5
Reviewer: Mirjana

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