TV REVIEW: Dexter Season 8, Episode 9 – “Make Your Own Kind of Music”

dexter 8Things are definitely heating up in Miami as Dexter tries to juggle finding Zach’s killer with keeping Hannah safe from the feds breathing down her neck…



While looking for the killer, Dexter finds that Zach has left him an important clue as to his killer’s identity. Surprisingly, DNA testing reveals that the killer is related to Dr. Vogel. When pressed, she admits that she did have two sons – her older son Daniel killed his little brother and then was committed in England, where he died in a fire. Dexter posits that Daniel faked his death and is now back and messing with dear old mum. After some more police work, Dexter determines that Oliver Saxon, the man Cassie was seeing when she was killed, is in fact Daniel Vogel.

Quinn asks for Deb’s help looking into Zach, who she recognizes from the hotel in The Keys. When she brings the information to Dexter, he reveals Zach’s fate. Deb successfully steers Quinn away from Zach by turning his attention toward Oliver, after a productive conversation with Jamie. When questions, Oliver’s story quickly falls apart. Deb realizes that she’s missed working cases and seriously starts to contemplate returning to Miami Metro.

Trying to capitalize on the hefty reward sum on Hannah’s head, Elway brings in a Federal Marshall, played by Kenny Johnson (Sons of Anarchy). Due to the Marshall’s meddling, Dexter decides that the only safe place for Hannah to hide out is at Deb’s. After some convincing, Deb eventually agrees. As she’s related to one serial killer and secretly harboring another, Deb starts to rethink her decision to go back to Miami Metro. Things only get more complicated when Elway confronts her and accuses her of withholding information about Hannah. Meanwhile, Hannah and Dexter decide that they will run away together with Harrison and start a new life in Argentina.

Dexter is able to confirm that Oliver is the one who killed Zach. Dr. Vogel pleads with him not to kill Oliver, and he agrees, but only to use her to set up a meeting. On the day, he drugs her and goes to find Oliver alone. When he goes to follow him, he finds that Oliver is one step ahead. Afraid that Oliver will go after Vogel, he goes to her house to warn her. She informs him that she can no longer trust him, and that she’ll handle this on her own going forward. Dexter leaves, still determined to kill Oliver before he escapes with Hannah.

When Dexter leaves, we find out that Oliver is there and has overheard the conversation, convincing him that Vogel did not send Dexter after him. Appeased, he sits down with his mother for a cup of tea.

This show is at its best when is slowly ramps up the tension, leaving you worried about what happens next. That’s exactly what this episode does.

I don’t believe for one second that the Marshall has backed off his investigation into Hannah. I think he’s suspicious of Dexter and is giving him some rope with which to hang himself. Since Dexter is incapable of making wise decisions when it comes to Hannah, I am worried he’ll do exactly that and mess everything up as he tries to escape.

Also, the fact that Vogel appears to have aligned with her prodigal son is vexing. I’ve never really bought Vogel as a “good guy” because she’s just too fickle – one minute she’s raising Dexter and Deb up only to knock them down the next. You can chalk it up to tough love if you will, but I think she’s only out for herself and will do anything to get what she wants. If that means helping her son kill Dexter first, then so be it.

In all of this, I feel the worst for Deb. I don’t often criticize Dexter, but he just doesn’t seem to care about the horrible situations he puts her in. He constantly leans on her for help without thinking about what it’s doing to her. Hiding Hannah at her place goes against everything he did last season to protect Deb from Hannah – while I don’t necessarily think that Hannah is a threat to Deb anymore, I worry about Deb’s mental health, especially since she’s only just managed to get back on her feet.

There’s a break next week, and then we’ll get the final 3 episodes starting on September 8th. As it always happens when I show I love is ending, I am incredibly torn between not wanting it to end and wanting to know what happens next. Whatever it is, I am sure it’ll leave us all reeling.


Rating: 4.5/5
Reviewer: Mirjana

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