TV REVIEW: Falling Skies S2, Ep 10: A More Perfect Union

Last week’s cliffhanger is dropped surprisingly quickly with a bit of debate about the ethics of military vs civilian authority in the fledgling new Republic, before the Skitter Rebels drop in with news of a “target of opportunity”.

There’s a stand-off, then some more talking. Then the General wants to attack the Rebels and the 2nd Mass want to attack the Overlords and to be honest, it’s all a little rushed – stuff happens, decisions are made, but it’s all a little rushed, all a little out of nowhere and a lot of information is dumped that could have been spread out over the season.

Once all the running around is sorted out through, it’s left to a crack team of the 2nd Mass to get into the Overlords complex and blow it up. This bit is a lot better, as it all goes wrong, we get more of creepy, drank-the-kool-aid Karen, and a final fight that’s brutal and well executed. There is of course (another) echo of the theme of “last series, but done better” with the general plot line of “2nd Mass sneaks into alien base, blows it up” but messy plotting aside the ideas at work here are pretty decent, and the cast, as ever, are fun to watch.

Still not sure why they didn’t lift the minigun so prominently highlighted last week though.

The final act of the series then spends its time setting up the third series with a very Twin Peaks-ey moment for Hal and finally a big cliffhanger reveal of a new alien arrival. Not sure what to make of either development, but I’ve enjoyed this series over the last few weeks and I’ll certainly stick with the next one when it returns. Its become a show that is solidly fun but unexceptional, and knocked a lot of the rough corners off, but I think that it may well now be the show it’s always going to be.

At the end of the day, I don’t see Falling Skies as the sort of show that is ever going to attract the sort of loyal fan base that many genre TV shows go. Should it get cancelled, I can’t see a Twitter outcry or a fan campaign being launched to save it. Not 5 years after its demise people still showing up in costume as the shows leads.

It’s never been a bad show, and this season its been a pretty good show in places, but as it wraps up its second season it’s hard to shake the feeling that this is as good, or as deep as its going to get, and that’s just sort of “okay”.

Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Matt

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