TV REVIEW: Falling Skies S2, Ep 6: Homecoming

It’s a busy for the 2nd Mass. this week, with two main plot-lines running, a bunch of returning characters, and a more leaping forward of the series arc plot. An improvement on last weeks slightly meandering story, it now feels like we are down in the guts of the series, and its good see its picked back up its sense of direction.

And it all starts so well; a couple of weeks stationed in the Hospital have let everyone relax a little; Tom and Anne are getting some quality time together, there is light and clean beds, and its all a bit nice, for a post-alien-invasion world. There is a nice, underwritten scene where Tom and Anne discuss their former, lost, partners, and its good to see that Falling Skies can write this sort of stuff without being clumsy or mawkish. But this temporary idyll isn’t going to last, and the first sign of trouble is Hal and Maggie’s discovery of a mass grave of dead, de-harnessed children, including the non-dead Karen, last seen as spokes-puppet of one of the alien overlords.

I’m really not sure how we are supposed to take Karen’s return, because I never for a moment believed she wasn’t a plant. The characters are split down the middle, which is fine, but it just seemed so obvious, and the show didn’t act like it expected us to be surprised by the “reveal”, that I certainly hope that was never the intention. As it was, working on the assumption that I was supposed to think she was plant, watching her play Hal, Ben and Maggie was pretty entertaining, and I didn’t see all the twists – or her ultimate goal – coming, which was nice. Also, it gave Maggie something to do what wasn’t “clunky teen romance with Hal”.

In the episodes other big storyline, we get to see Tom play at being “Dr John Carter” again as it turns out Weavers bite from two episodes ago is infected with alien nastiness and is close to killing him. Another example of a bit more “long game” in this series, it plays out well, complete with House-esque crackpot medical science to save him. One thing I’ll say for this season of Falling Skies, it’s certainly putting its characters through the wringer! Both this plot line, and the delayed return of Pope, also serve to keep the more militant/paranoid characters out of the loop whilst Karen does her thing, so saves them looking like out-of-character idiots.

So, we end with a bunch of revelations about the invaders movements, and leave the Hospital behind, and onwards to Charleston, with a ton of the enemy on the move close behind. Fun times ahead!

Reviewer: Matt

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