TV REVIEW – Game of Thrones Season 2 Episode 3: What is Dead May Never Die

Tyrion plays a dangerous game to find out who his friends are in King’s Landing, Robert Baratheon’s youngest brother Renly gives his support to the Starks and the King’s envoy ambushes Yoren and the group travelling to The Wall, with devastating consequences for Arya.

Anyone who has watched even one episode of Game of Thrones will know that Tyrion Lannister is an incredibly smart guy. Now that he is the King’s Hand, albeit temporarily, he is going to great lengths to ensure that he does not come to a sticky end. Tyrion expertly plays Baelish, Pycelle and other members of the Small Council against one another to find out who his enemies are. As well as this, Tyrion knows that Shae’s presence in King’s Landing is a weak spot in his armour against his manipulative sister, and places her at the heart of the household in order to keep her safe.

Cersei is on particularly spiteful form this week as she talks about whether Robb Stark will live or die over dinner with Sansa. The children are a great addition to this scene as they dissect the pending war with innocence; what will happen when Robb Stark dies? When will Joffrey and Sansa be married. Cersei also explicitly threatens Tyrion and reminds him that his position as King’s Hand does not mean that he is safe.

Outside of King’s Landing, we are introduced to Renly, who throws his support behind the Starks. Renly is already shaping up to be a great and complex addition to the Game of Thrones family; he is married to Margaery Tyrell, but is sleeping with her brother. When Margaery attempts to consummate the marriage and fails, she asks whether she should invite her brother into the marriage bed. Margaery knows that her husband needs a child with her in order to secure his connection to the Tyrell name, and is willing to do anything in order to keep her power. We are also introduced to Brienne of Tarth in the Stormlands. Brienne is a character to watch; a strong warrior who swears loyalty to her King. It is fairly obvious from the first time she appears on screen that this woman is going to be a deciding force in the war against the Lannisters.

Arya is still on the road and confides in Yoren that she is tormented by the fact that her father was executed. She does not have much of a chance to linger on her thoughts however, as the group seeking Gendry return to their camp. There is a short skirmish in which Yoren is killed and Arya and Gendry are taken captive, but Arya thinks quickly and lies to save her friend’s life. It is becoming clear that Arya is as smart as she was made out to be in season one, and now that she is sure to return to King’s Landing, maybe she is the one who will free her sister from the Lannisters.

Jon Snow survives the attack in the woods, but the Night’s Watch are thrown out of Craster’s home. There is sure to be trouble, however, as the fact that baby boys are killed as offerings to the Wildlings is now fairly common knowledge and Sam gives Gilly a parting gift.

As well as this; all is not well in the Iron Islands as Theon debates whether he is loyal to his biological family or his adoptive one. This conflict within the character is going to be an interesting to watch, especially when tensions rise and if Lord Greyjoy insists on viciously and continually insulting his son.

This week’s episode of Game of Thrones was slightly less packed with information than those that have gone before it, and now that the pace is slowing down it is the exact right time to introduce new characters and allow the webs of deception and lies between the families to build again. Peter Dinklage was on his best manipulative form as Tyrion this week, and it is clear that the actor enjoys playing such a malicious and selfish character. There was no mention of Daenerys or Stannis Baratheon this week, but their stories would need more time to be moved on again, so they are not missed that much. This was a great episode of Game of Thrones that allowed the story to deepen and new threats be woven into the complex story.

GS Reviewer: Brogen Hayes

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