TV REVIEW: Game of Thrones Season 2 Episode 7 – A Man Without Honour

Theon Greyjoy sets out to find the missing Stark family, Jon Snow and Ygritte tackle some uncomfortable issues, Daenerys is on the hunt for her missing dragons and Jaime Lannister resorts to some desperate measures to try and ensure his freedom.

Daenerys is not having a good run of luck lately; just as she gets settled in Quarth, she is double crossed and this week she spends most of her time shouting at people about dragons. Of course Xaro is not as steady as he seems, and he stages a coup to take power of Quarth by steel. It seems that the theft of the dragons was all masterminded to get the Thirteen into a room together in order to do away with them, but now there is the issue of Daenerys’s babies being held in the House of the Undying. The issue now is, how Daenerys gets out of the uncomfortable allegiance she has made.

Theon Greyjoy panics, as usual, when he finds out that the Stark boys have gone missing, and murders and burns a couple of children to make Winterfell believe that the Starks are dead. The audience does not know yet that these are not the Starks, but due to a big discussion about the millers kids, and the bodies being unrecognisable, it is a fairly safe bet. Another fairly safe bet is the fact that Theon is going to shoot himself in the foot very soon if he does not learn to calm down.

Jon Snow and Ygritte get around to the issue of sex and she manages to make him thoroughly uncomfortable in a very short space of time. This distracts him long enough for her to make good her escape, and now the power lies with the Wildlings. Poor old Jon Snow, talk about not being able to do right for doing wrong. Tywin and Arya’s relationship develops. He can see through her disguise but she is able to stay one step ahead of him. This relationship is going to turn sour sooner or later, but the question now is, who will come out the victor? Sansa panics at the arrival of her menstruation, but instead of delivering her to her husband to be, Cersei actually sits down and has a decent conversation with her. Cersei reveals a different part of herself through the conversation, and the audience learns that this woman is not entirely bad; she loves her children, even though she knows that Joffrey is out of control. Cersei then allows herself to be vulnerable with her brother Tyrion, and actually questions whether Joffrey is the price she must pay for her incestuous relationship with Jaime. This is unlikely to make Tyrion side with his sister, but it allows the audience to see the character in a slightly different light.

Speaking of Jaime, once his cousin is thrown into a cell with him, he wastes no time in murdering him in order to escape. He does not get far and, when faced with Catelyn Stark, he mocks her for her late husband’s infidelity. This is the first time that we have really seen Catelyn get her back up this season, and the face off between the two characters is a joy to watch. We are left wanting though, as Catelyn draws a sword to decide his fate.

It is not unusual for Game of Thrones to turn into a game of chess, but this week’s theme of honour is a fantastic one. We learn more about each of the main players; Jaime threw away oath after oath for the love of his sister, Cersei honours her children but no other and Jon Snow’s honour to his vows of the Night’s Watch lead to his downfall. This was a great episode, even if it does seem that the imminent threat of war has been moved to a back burner.

GS Reviewer: Brogen Hayes

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  1. Thanks for the peek! Nice 🙂 I like this statement you made: “…It is not unusual for Game of Thrones to turn into a game of chess…”

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