TV REVIEW: Game of Thrones – Season 3 Episode 4 ‘And Now His Watch is Ended’

Jaime comes to terms with having lost his hand, people conspire to bring Littlefinger down and Daenerys reminds us why she is to be feared and revered.

Poor old Jaime seems to have given up since the loss of his hand, but the good news is that Tywin – through his usual vitriol and blunt speaking – reveals to Cersei that he is doing what he can to get Jaime home. Meanwhile, it seems that Brienne is becoming slightly enamoured with the Lannister’s eldest son, as she defends him, and asks why he defended her from being assaulted at the hands of their captors. The idea of Jaime and Brienne falling for one another is sort of sweet, and now that Jaime has been wounded he will surely have lost some of the arrogance that made him a character we loved to hate.

Tyrion and Verys talk of revenge; Tyrion wants to strike back at the man who tried to kill him, and Verys reveals he has the man responsible for his being a eunuch locked in a box. Verys doesn’t appear each week in the show, but this week was a reminded of how strong a character he is. Not only is he holding a man prisoner, but he approaches the matriarch of the Tyrells with the intention of foiling Littlefinger’s plan to marry Sansa, and this have control of the North. Clever Verys. This is an example of Game of Thrones at it’s intriguing best, and proof that the relationships are responsible for the ebb and flow of power in Westeros, as much as might and violence.

Margaery continues to manipulate Joffrey, which concerns Cersei, but she also manages to manipulate Sansa into falling in line with Verys’s plan. Clever girl! Meanwhile, the Boy returns Theon to his captors, after gleaning information from him, Bran dreams of running and climbing and the Hound is sentenced to trial by combat for his various crimes.

In perhaps the best scene of the season so far, Daenerys takes control of the unsullied, reminds us why she is a great character and frightens the heck out of us. After she reveals she has understood the master all along, she turns her dragon on him and marches out of the city with her 8,000 soldiers now free men and willingly fighting with her. The scene is short and brilliantly shot, and this, along with the scheming Verys, is a reminder of why Game of Thrones is such strong and compelling TV. Suddenly the story arc of the season has speeded up, and excitement has been built in the audience.

By far the best episode of Game of Thrones season 3 so far; And Now His Watch Has Ended sets up the tone of the rest of the season, gives us some fairly big revelations and finally ramps up the action once more. Political intrigue is one thing, but Daenerys is mad as hell, and she has dragons. Things just got a whole lot more interesting.

Rating: 5/5
Reviewer: Brogen Hayes

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