TV REVIEW: Game of Thrones – Season 3 Episode 6 ‘The Climb’

PHIAKViGYLqbMQ_1_mAs different characters converge on the Wall from different directions, Jon Snow and Ygritte make their feelings for one another plain, Arya encounters Melisandre and Tywin’s plan for his children is confirmed.

Samwell and Gilly grow closer as they make good their escape, as do Jon Snow and Ygritte. In no uncertain terms she reminds him that while he cannot turn his back on everything that he was in an instant, she is his woman now and she will not tolerate being betrayed. Ygritte may have a rather vulgar turn of phrase, but she is always entertaining, and the vows made between the couple add to the tension when they are put in peril during their climbing the Wall.

Arya learns that while she may be able to manipulate men into doing as she bids, women are tougher nuts to crack. Meilsandre encounters Thoros and his company in the woods and, after discussing their love for the Lord of Light, Thoros allows Melisandre to buy Gendry from them, much to Arya’s displeasure. The exchange between Arya and the Red Woman is fascinating – especially since Arya is angry enough to kill – and Meilsandre implies that Arya has a bigger role to play in the future of Westeros than she may think.

Theon Greyjoy is tortured at the hands of the Boy, and is made to guess why. Although the Boy denies that he is a Karstark and is punishing Greyjoy for betraying Robb, it would be an interesting turn of events were it true, especially now that Robb has betrayed the Karstarks in turn. Speaking of Robb, he is on the lookout for an army now that the Karstarks have left, and gives away Harranhaal and his uncle in marriage in exchange for soldiers.

Jaime and Brienne are having good and bad luck; Jaime is to be sent to King’s Landing as apology for the loss of his hand, but Brienne is to be tried for treason. Since the two have become an odd couple who are obviously fond of one another, it is fairly clear that this is not going to sit well with them. Perhaps a battle for their lives and freedom is on the cards? It would certainly be entertaining.

Tywin discusses the terms of marriage for Cersei and Tyrion with Olenna Tyrell who, in her usual blunt and hilarious manner, reminds Tywin that she knows all about the rumours surrounding his family. Unfortunately for Olenna, Tywin knows all about her family too. Tyrion and Cersei finally have an honest conversation; joined together in their despair, and Tyrion manages to break Sansa’s heart with the news that he and she are to be wed. Just as well really, Loras was not doing a very good job of hiding the fact that Sansa is not really his type.

Baelish reveals that he knows of Verys’s betrayal of him, and reminds the eunuch that chaos is a ladder that must be climbed. In one of the most chilling speeches given so far this season, Baelish implies that the fears surrounding his mutiny are true, but King’s Landing is slowly destroying itself anyway… Joffrey seems particularly out of control as he tries out his crossbow on an innocent woman.

A slow, but revealing episode of Game of Thrones, which reveals that all the players are sliding into place for yet another confrontation, but it seems no one is aware of the threat of Daenerys – who was missed this week – as she brings the Unsullied to their shores. Hearts and alliances are broken this week, leaving the stage clear for new alliances to be made.

Rating: 4/5
GS Reviewer: Brogen Hayes

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