TV REVIEW: Game of Thrones – Season 3 Episode 7 ‘The Bear and the Maiden Fair’


Tensions begin to rise between Jon Snow and Ygritte as they venture from her world into his, Maergery tries to talk some sense into Sansa and Jaime makes a decision that changes his fate, and that of another.

This week, Game of Thrones is all about lost love, unrequited love and new love. Although Jon Snow constantly reiterate their love for one another, Orell also confesses his love for Ygritte and tensions are rising between the wildling and the illegitimate Stark. The pair are painfully aware of what lies ahead of them, but they are also aware of how amazing it is to have found one another. Aw, ain’t love grand?

Maergery tries to talk sense into Sansa regarding her match with Tyrion. It is clear that this is a make or break situation for Sansa, and she can either become an adult and deal with her lot, or she can whinge about it and make herself miserable. Hopefully, she chooses to grow up. Her whinging is getting kind of old. Also getting old is the torture of Theon Greyjoy at the hands of the boy. This week’s punishment is particularly cruel and unusual and, other than the fact that We like to watch Greyjoy squirm for what he did to the Starks, this storyline is getting old fast. Either Theon needs to learn more about his punishment, or the boy needs to set him free, but things have certainly stagnated in that particular dungeon.

While Sansa complains to Maergery, Tyrion complains to Bronn, who also decides to look on the bright side, and reminds Tyrion that sleeping with Sansa will not be a hardship. Shae is less than impressed though and does not take kindly to Tyrion’s suggestion that he keep her as mistress. Meanwhile, the orchestrator of all this misery, Tywin, calls to see his nephew. This is an interesting scene as the balance of power is clearly in Tywin’s favour, but Joffrey is struggling to take on the mantle of king. As they talk, Joffrey stays seated in the Iron Throne, but Tywin towers over him. Does this mean there will be a struggle between these two Lannisters? It certainly seems so. They are not going to be pleased that Gendry – son of Robert Baratheon – has been brought to King’s Landing by Melisandre then. It seems doubtful that Gendry will try to claim the throne, but he is certainly going to be a spanner in the works.

As well as this, Daenerys comes to the Yellow City and throws her power around, but is she relying too heavily on her dragons and her reputation? Arya is captured by the Hound and, when he hears that brienne will not last long in Locke’s company, Jaime returns to save her by jumping into a bear pit. Yay! The idea of Jaime and Brienne together is just wonderful – rarely have two characters been such a positive influence on one another – and it seems that this is what is going to happen. Alothough we are not getting too excited yet, we all know that Game of Thrones has the ability to surprise us.

Robb Stark may be annoying everyone around him, but he is delighted at the news that Talisa is pregnant. This is sure to mean something amazing for the Stark clan, but it is unclear what that is, at the moment… Meanwhile, Osha gets annoyed at Jojen filling Bran’s head with magic, and confesses that her man was lost, and came back to her as a White Walker. There has not been much talk of the Walkers this season, and it seems that the scariest inhabitants of George R.R. Martin’s world are coming back to the fore.

A great episode of Game of Thrones that is all about personal relationships and their impact on the world as a whole. There may have been a couple of missteps with the narrative of the season with regard to certain characters – and some stories are completely dragging their heels – but this was a strong episode of the show that served to remind the audience that personal relationships are the cause of most trouble in Westeros and beyond.

Rating: 4/5
Reviewer: Brogen Hayes

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